LT010 – Zounds – Delusions of Grandeur

LT010 – Zounds – Delusions of Grandeur

Making ZoundsI am very proud to announce the newest Lesstalk release, Zounds’ Delusions of Grandeur. A solo project by virtuoso and Bombshellzine Forum lurker Dave Drayton. Each CD is made with all of our love, individual covers made in the Hot Damn photo booth. It took approximately a million dollars, 11 bottles of red wine and 2 pairs of pants to make this EP, and it was grand.

I hope you all enjoy listening to this EP as much as we did making and recording it…

Date of Release: 15-04-2009
Format: CDR
Copies: 100
Info: Delusions of Grandeur is just that; a bunch of songs written late at night that somehow ended up in a studio and consequently on a CD, each one handmade and personalised. This is Zounds debut EP, songs inspired by late weeknights and red wine, which have been brought to life through the help of a few close friends.

For fans of: Arrows, The City On Film
Stop The Presses
Lights Out
Offhand Delivery

Cost: $8 AU
Lights Out