Naked People Wearing Clothes – Newtown Festival

Naked People Wearing Clothes – Newtown Festival

Naked PeopleNaked People Wearing Clothes has been accepted into the Newtown Short Film Festival. This is a very momentous day as not only will it be the day that Hogan’s film gets a Sydney screening, it will also be the 1st anniversary of AD breaking up (coincidence or will of god?).
I hope you will all be there supporting Thesaurus Jones, Mushroom Family and the Canoe Burdon. Naked People Wearing Clothes will also be released to DVD through Lesstalk Records in the near distant future with hours of extra footage and video’s of Sharn’s bee stings. For a preview please see teaser below.

Ok, Let’s Go! (Featuring Naked People Wearing Clothes)
Saturday, 23 May 1:45pm

Where: New Theatre,
542 King Street,

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Naked People TEASER