New Release! LT012 – F’tang

New Release! LT012 – F’tang

This is an awesome release, you should all listen to more F’tang 😉

Date of Release: 10-07-2009
Format: CD
Copies: 100
Info: F’tang is the solo studio recordings of Tom Houlahan – former drummer, turned one-man-band. Recorded by Jonathan Boulet in a sweaty Western Sydney garage, Tom’s debut release is influenced by a healthy mix of loud, angular post-rock and experimental indie-pop, with the result ending up somewhere in between the two.

For fans of: Tortoise, Mogwai, Pele and other one-word instrumental bands.

Das Jackpot
So much For Pathos
Her Mossy Cleft
Milk and Cawfee
Claus Behn

For Fans of:

Cost: $5
Claus Behn