LT013 – Naked People Wearing Clothes!

LT013 – Naked People Wearing Clothes!

Naked People Promo

"We are all just naked people wearing clothes"

LT013 – Naked people wearing clothes, A series of short films.

Date of Release: 07-08-09
Format: DVD
Copies: 100
Info: Among other things, “naked people wearing clothes” is an experimental comedy concerning toenails, kites, urination, kissing, spontaneous human combustion, socks, babies, bullets, Spielberg, sunburnt rainbows and coughing underground.

“…ordinary, middle-class, suburban awkwardness… human-flavoured MacGuffins wearing skin over bone with flesh in between… are you a naked person wearing clothes?” – MacGuffin

For fans of: Adult Swim, David Lynch, Jean-Luc Godard

Directed by, produced by, written by, sound by, audio postproduction by, filmed by, design by, edited by:
Daniel Hogan

Tom Hogan as MacGuffin
Sharnayla Page as MacGuffin
Daniel Hogan as MacGuffin