Marnie Vaughn – Sydney Wedding Photography

Marnie Vaughn – Sydney Wedding Photography

Skoll HopsMy sister has started her photography business for the Sydney Region. She is an experienced photographer with all the sweet gear, has finished her Honours in Print Media at SCA and is looking for work in wedding or band photography ni the greater Sydney Region. Some of the work she has done for Lesstalk Records includes the Artless Armchair cover and Halal, How Are You? insert photography.

If you like stunning photography and need your band shots taken that aren’t completely typical and need a bit of a colourful touch, hit up Marnie, she is very easy to work with and will offer you a good price.

If you are settling down with the one you love and are tieing the knot with a wedding of sorts, check out Marnie’s wedding shots, they are really awesome.

Check out the site.

Artless Cover