Maxwell’s Insert

Maxwell’s Insert

“If anyone buys my dismal excuse for a CD, please be advised that there was an oversight (a major one at that) concerning the lack of credits (or any other words) in the liner notes…

So here goes, write it down on the inside of your copy if you like…

Thanks must go to: Matheson Vaughn for helping me out with pretty much everything to do with the whole release as well as playing the lap steel on ‘Part I’ and banjo on ‘Part II’, Ally Lester for taking the back cover photo and printing and cutting all the insert photos, Cait Hosking for singing on Part II, The Vaughn family for letting me use photos from their family albums for the front cover and inserts (sorry Mr Vaughn for cutting a young you out of one of the photos), and Dave Smith and Morgan Draft for recording and mixing it.

To all these friends and acquaintances, as I’m sure you all know, your help is greatly appreciated and I feel a right fool for forgetting to print anything at all on the inside cover.

Yours sincerely,