LT017 – Fast Canoe – Machine Codes OUT NOW

LT017 – Fast Canoe – Machine Codes OUT NOW

Fast Canoe

Format: Framed triple mini cd
Copies: 33
Info:Born in the 60’s and developed over 30 years, the Canoe brothers finally met in Sydney in the pre-Olympic year of 1999 and set about a complete destruction of everything that was good and known, forcing it through their patented disruptor fields and re-assembled into 9 works of art. Finally collected together on three MCD’s and presented in a beautiful frame, the legacy of this work can now be told. This is a co-operative split release between Tenzenmen and Lesstalk Records and is completely limited to 33 copies.

For Fans of: Crab Smasher, Scissorlock, Heil Spirits

Cost: $15ppd

Track 4