Michael Crafter – D.Y or Die

Michael Crafter – D.Y or Die

LT020 – Holy shit trve powerviolence from Dee Why! What? No Way!

Michael Crafter’s debut EP D.Y or Die, released 7 months to the day since their first gig (same length of time Michael Crafter lasted as the vocalist in Bury Your Dead), “D.Y or Die” is the debut EP by Dee Why’s only posi-violent band by the same name, Michael Crafter. The first 20 releases come in a limited edition transparent blue case with the exclusive Jamie Von Parrty dubstep/French house remix of “What’s My Name Bitch?”. All CD’s come with a free digital download.

This EP sung and shred work by Lesstalk’s own Matt, recorded and mixed by Lachlan R Doomsdale, mastered at BJB Studios by JP with artwork by Dee Why local Marty Schneider. Since I play in the band I’m not going to wank on about it but its pretty hilarious and would be suitable music for those who dig a bit of humor in their powerviolence.

Date of Release: 14-3-2010

Format: CDEP

Copies: 200 CD’s + 20 Limited edition with bonus song!


Purchase here for 8 bucks