Out Now! Edwin Montgomery – Sleep Patterns

Out Now! Edwin Montgomery – Sleep Patterns

Sleep Patterns

The long awaited LP by Edwin Montgomery, this release will leave happy swirls of thoughts within your brain. Ed is a very relaxed Sydney man who makes very pretty epic solo music under his own name. Sleep Patterns was created many a year back bu is now finally released on the Lesstalk label for all to hear.

Layered ambient delicate sound movements, growing and shifting slowly throughout the album. Sydney based composer Edwin Montgomery created this as a concept album, each track being another sleep pattern in a nights sleep, very slow moving, subtle and warm.

“John Cage made you realize that there wasn’t a thing called noise, it was just music you hadn’t appreciated.”
Brian Eno

For fans of: Eraserhead Soundtrack, Seaworthy, Fast Canoe

Cost $5

Listen: Nine