Crab Smasher hibernate indefinitely

Crab Smasher hibernate indefinitely

Crab Smasher were the first noise band I ever saw, at San Remo, in 2005 as a bright impressionable spark, they had at the time from what I remember a gameboy, shitty toy keyboard and a broken high hat, dreadlocks, face covered in paint, convulsing, screaming. Since then I have adored them, laughed at them, hated them, copied them, loved them and envied them.

Its a complex relationship that has always been interesting, watching them produce some amazing music and push it into new ears, with each release producing something completely new. It is my disappointing pleasure to find out that they are in Crab hibernation, the 3 existing members of Grant, Nick and Marn choosing to put the band to rest for a while. At the cusp of making an amazing album as well! I thank you Crab Smasher, and await your return.

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Crab Smasher’s Lesstalk Releases

Share the germs, halve the germs (2009)

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Serie Una Di Collaborazione (Re-release 2008)

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