August 2011 – A weekend of recording

August 2011 – A weekend of recording

I  spent this weekend on the beautiful Central Coast recording some of my friends music and trying my hand at that sound engineering thingy majiggy stuff. I look forward to showing you all the final products when they are released on Lesstalk in the future.

The Worstmn – Swansea punk surf rats playing surf rock Dead Kennedy’s style, singing about chillin’, with short fast super tight punk songs, each song is really poppy and freaking awesome. The dudes from Worstmn have played in a heap of other bands in the past from the northern Central Coast like Project Mayhem, Eyes of the Scavenger and Lobster Face. We got nice and toasty, threw out some mad vox in their home studio, the same studio shared with pop rockers The Atlantis. The songs kinda remind me of Eddy Current Suppression ring, but faster.

Wells – We we recorded this in an awesome loft style open plan room out the back of Warnervale, a completely different vibe. The 3-piece knocked out 7 blues rock songs in the vein of The Black keys mixed with a bit of Bright Eyes styled indie rock. Mad groovy driving songs. These songs were quickly recorded before they head to South East Asia to drive down the east coast through Vietnam on a motorbike looking for waves and friendly faces (and maybe a couple shows along the way, who knows).

Download a free Wells album

I hate making timeline promises for releases but they will be out soon(ish).