Artless Armchair 7 – Your favourite underground DIY camping festival

Artless Armchair 7 – Your favourite underground DIY camping festival

Another year has passed and it is time for me to again organise my favourite weekend of the year. This time around Artless is at the same venue as last year but moved to December so the midnight skinny dipping is much more “bare-able”. Set aside the whole weekend of the 2-4th of December for a complete Lesstalk partying experience.

This event has a lovely mix of dance, folk and grindcore music to chill, rock and party too.  The big events on the night is the 12+ strong hype crew, The Dirty Bird Collective, featuring pretty much everyone as well as Black Vanilla, the Sydney RNB supergroup. The Origami Girls are back for a 1 off show, Make More and Virginia Sook having their first trips to NSW from Brisbane. I have also convinced the fresh faced bands F’tang and The Reverend Jesse Custer, Idylls to come party which will be very exciting to hang with our interstate grindpalz. Also playing are staples The Brutal Poodles, Sweet Teeth, Michael Crafter, Simo Soo, Jess Locke, Zounds, Polyfox and more I probs forgot to mention.

Yeh so… camping, dress ups, kites, beer, friends, an entire hip hop collective doing dodgy Artless Armchair themed tatts in the bedroom, 10 minute drive to the beach, flying fox, 21 bands, not in Sydney. Heaps of palz. Heaps cheap, BYO, its pretty much like the perfect weekend right?

Artless Armchair 7
DIY music & camping festival
Seals Rocks, NSW
3rd December 2011
Tickets now on sale
First 15 recieve a free Lesstalk tote bag

Black Vanilla, The Dirty Bird Collective, Origami Girls, Sweet Teeth, Michael Crafter, Simo Soo, Jess Locke (VIC), The Reverend Jesse Custer (ACT), Make More (QLD), F’tang, The Brutal Poodles, Idylls (QLD), Zounds, Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts, Old Growth Cola (QLD), Virginia Sook (QLD), Edwin Montgomery, Mark Lagana, Mushroom Family/Happy Phlegm.