New Release: Simo Soo – Simo Soo

New Release: Simo Soo – Simo Soo

Rap, noise, punk, swear words, pitched snares and vocals turned into robot circle jerks, Canada’s genius music interviewer Nardwuar The Human Serviette on the outro, both members of Collarbones on separate tracks on vox and production, Big Dumb Kid rapping bout smoking weed & scabbing money from your mum, dubstep mashed into noise breakcore messiness, screaming, lo-fi psych turned into electro rap, songs about love, partying, loving, party and getting lost on your own in the streets of Oakland at 2am, musical nods to Suicide, Gucci Mane, Devo, DJ Screw and Andrew WK (most of the time on the same track).

All this and more on the new Simo Soo LP (which is titled Simo Soo LP) out now on Lesstalk Records. His third release on the label, bits of which were recorded in Australia, USA and Canada. Features artwork by Sydney photographer Holly May and XBXRX drummer Kyle Mabson. Available in digital download and retro CD form.

Simo Soo Album Launch Show Friday 21st October – Blackwire Records w/ Guerre & Gentle Hurst


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