5 Years of Lesstalk Records on DVD

5 Years of Lesstalk Records on DVD

LT036 – 5 Years of Lesstalk Records – DVD Compilation
Released: 19th December 2011
Format: Handmade/handnumbered DVD’s limited to 50

5 years is half a decade. Rewind the clock by 5 years and many friends were partying at Chain Valley Bay South on the sunny Central Coast of NSW, playing in our basement on shitty musical equipment making the most fun and pointless music as punk and DIY as we knew how. In the next years that proceeded; the good ol pals on Lesstalk have not slowed down, if anything they have sped up, stopped, then sped up faster, went to bed, woke up and kept going. Which means that the legacy of home made video clips that have accumulated, they need to be placed in a format where we can sit down and watch them all for lolz. Hence the creation of the 5 years of Lesstalk Records DVD compilation. This handmade, hand numbered, hand screen printed kraft DVD packs was made using only love and limited to 50.

A quick thanks to my pals for hanging, helping and playing the best music possible, I’m not naming you but you get the point. Happy birthday.

Each band and release preceded by a Lesstalk catalog number, to remind us of different points in our middle years, those things that influenced, inspired and directed us, and these thoughts composed into song form, recorded, and printed into a physical medium that can be kept, stored and saved to look back upon.

This 57 minute DVD features 19 tracks including unseen music video clips from Totally Unicorn (The censored version), Happy Phlegm, Michael Crafter, The Snoozefests and The Brutal Poodles as well as clips from other peeps from the Lesstalk back catalog. Recommended for fans.

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Full list of Video Clips (chronologically)
Team Dance – Team Dance
Anal Discharge – Feminist
Good For Nothing – Modern’s Only Temporary
The (temperamental) Pocket – Floodgate
Happy Phlegm – Macguffin Love
Edwin Montgomery – Desert
The Snoozefests – Who’s That Girl
The Brutal Poodles – Professional
Michael Crafter – Drugs Are Bad
Jess Locke – Paper Planes
Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts – Creature Comforts
Totally Unicorn – Daddy’s Stabby Surprise
Heart Flew Like An Arrow – Hang Out
Sweet Teeth – Woman
Simo Soo – Shannyn Sossamon vs Kiss Army
Sweet Teeth – Girls
Origami Girls – I Like Craft
Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt – Template
Michael Crafter – Moshwalker

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