New Release: Jess Locke – Skins

New Release: Jess Locke – Skins

LT038 – Jess Locke – Skins
Jess Locke
’s latest EP out on Lesstalk Records “Skins” is about change. It is about relationships and growing up (yep, still growing up). Lyrically, the songs largely speak for themselves, the music also reflects and accentuates to the ups and downs; the subtlety and the intensity that the lyrics convey. This is a sad album in many ways, but its also extremely hopeful. Skins is catharthis.

This newest release was recorded primarily over a couple weeks in the kitchen of Garden St, opposite the office of Lesstalk Records (aka my bedroom). With a couple of mic’s and whatever instruments we found lying around in the loungeroom this was constructed slowly and meticulously whist still maintaining as much awesome vibe as possible. In the general style of everything Lesstalk, it features guests from many other artists on the label, those who happened to be passing through the Garden St house at the time. These guests include Marnie (Sweet Teeth, Origami Girls), Nathan (Sweet Teeth, The (temperamental) Pocket, N. Martin & Wells), Matt (Michael Crafter & The (temperamental) Pocket) & Maxwell (Halal, How Are You? & Rusty Emerton).

Mastered by Michael Sale.

Jess Locke will be launching this EP in February by touring South East Asia.