Happy Phlegm – Selective Nonsense

Happy Phlegm – Selective Nonsense

LT044 – Happy Phlegm – Selective Nonsense
Released: 11/06/2012
Format: CDR
About: Happy Phlegm’s Selective Nonsense is mostly improvised tracks written or recorded and/or written and recorded between a soggy morning and the last piece of Vegemite toast left in the fridge in 2010.

“A young Bill Paxton or a small piece of strength at the right time?” – King Island Albatross

Happy Phlegm’s music is often compared to a young Bill Paxton.

“Selective Nonsense is the collected torso of work from the supermassivelytalented bag o bones that is Happy Phlegm, the wonder kid baby genius from the sunny streets of San Remo otherwise known to others as Dan Hogan. On this album Mr Phlegm traipses between pretty folk improv & lyrical storytelling to full on sound bite collage freak outs, then flips between short themed pop tune to fuzzed out drawling country songs, it makes for one hell of a listen. His unique approach to the written word, vocal phrasing and his instruments of choice result in a distinct and individual sound. To call this lo-fi would be stupid and incorrect,  this is album is proof that what this man can say or do off the cuff is supremely better than most people can muster with the help of a puppeteer. Brilliant.” – N. Martin

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