Farewell Sweet Teeth

Farewell Sweet Teeth

Its the end of yet another era, the end of Sweet Teeth. Good things come, good things go. It is something none of us have complete control over, as much as we think we do, or would like to. As greater friends as Sweet Teeth all are, and the bestest of times they may have had together, from their inception at Fay St, from their move to Sydney, playing the smallest house parties, supporting DDD! completely involving themselves the Sydney nightlife, making new friends with the Doc Holiday kids, long nights in the cupboard space of Will’s studio at 301, Nickles with his dedication and his help with their shows, playing every weekend loud and bratty. Thanks guys for letting me come to all your shows, partying with me, letting me crash on your floor, stand up the front of your shows, holding arm in arm with all the other huge fans screaming our lungs out, for playing the most catchy music that we could ALL singalong too. Luckily they have left the scene with a great collection of recordings and memories, and hopes for the future but I’m sorry that it couldn’t last forever.
Burn fast, bright and loud. xx Matt

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