7 Years of Lesstalk Records Showcase

7 Years of Lesstalk Records Showcase

ShowcaseSquare7 years ago we were on the Central Coast, me and my friends, knew that we didn’t need $$ to do what we want or have fun, grabbed our acoustic guitars and played music to each other on top of Fraser Park Beach to celebrate recording a bunch of songs and putting them out on our OWN label, I made 40 MCD’s with simple packaging, and banger tracks. Lesstalk has done so much, and helped me have a grounding, with regular releases and friendships that has stood the test of time, and only getting better! I have never made a single cent on any release and that makes me so happy, never once have I thought “Why am I doing this?”, I know exactly why I am doing this.

The Factory Floor
105 Victoria Road, Marrickville
Thursday 17th October at 7pm
March of the Real Fly + H A N N A H B A N D
+ Yard Duty + Wells

March of the Real Fly


Yard Duty

Oh Wells

Lesstalk Records is a DIY bedroom record label, releasing an eclectic mix of Sydney music for the past 6 years ranging from acoustic pop to grindcore. Lesstalk Records is a homage to the rad sounds that can be made, not manufactured and evolve and be captured through various mediums. Tonight is a night to celebrate some of the music that accumulates over time.

Special thanks to all the bands for playing tonight, Nathan for staying posi, Marnie for making rad videos and Erin for doing art.

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