Help Jess Locke Make a Record

Help Jess Locke Make a Record

WORDS THAT SEEM TO SLIP AWAY is the first full length album from Jess Locke. It was recorded by Jess and Matt at Wrangler Studios in Footscray and in Matt’s spare bedroom with Jimmy the cat and Squishy the dog overseeing things. After a few solid months of hard work, the songs are sounding stellar and are ready to be sent off and pressed.

To help us along with the process you can pre-order the album by pledging on Jess Locke’s ‘Pozible’ page. There is also a plethora of other cool prizes you can get in return for your kindness, including art work, poems, t-shirts and private shows, plus more!

So, just in case you missed that, go here! Or here… or even here to get involved, watch a silly video and find out more!

A sneaky peaky of the album is on it’s way, but for now, here are some pictures of the magic making.