New Jess Locke Bedroom Recordings

New Jess Locke Bedroom Recordings

‘Z-Sides’ is the latest release from lo-fi, sad-folk Melbourne based song maker, Jess Locke.

The eight track album continues Locke’s series of home recordings, each a collection of songs written as far back as a decade. So far, Locke’s releases have come out of a desire to salvage existing songs rather than a decision to create a cohesive work from scratch. What makes each record whole in itself is not so much the chronology of the songs or any particular chosen theme, but rather the periodical urge to document. Each release marks a particular time and place, always made in a different house, in a different suburb.┬áIn keeping with this tradition, ‘Z-Sides’ was recorded using only a laptop mic in the Melbourne suburb of Seddon, where Locke moved late this year.

Aside from another change of location, part of the inspiration for another bedroom record was the fact that Locke has been working on another, more considered, more fleshy album this year. ‘Z-Sides’ was born out of the need from freshness and spontaneousness after months of listening to mixes and waiting for emails. ‘Z-Sides’ marks a point in Locke’s creative life in which she is embracing two different approaches to making music, both yielding a vastly different sound and seemingly spurred on by each other in a pursuit for balance.

‘Z-Sides’ is available for digital download as well as a handmade CD limited to 100 copies.

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