Jess Locke Summer Residency

Jess Locke Summer Residency

Jess Locke is a person, she plays songs predominately on a guitar, often an acoustic but not limited to that, i.e electric guitar, a Fender Mustang to be more specific. Her songs are good, very good even. She plays them well. Well being in time and key, she may make mistakes as she is only human but even her mistakes are well placed and often humorous. You should come see and hear her do that all every Saturday of January, or whichever you like depending on the supports, we recommend the 30th with zzzounds as they also fits the above description. These shows will be at the Old bar in Fitzroy, they have beers and other drink option for sale.

You can also buy Jess’ beautiful LP ‘Words that seem to slip away‘ and other merch she has made.


2nd – Georgia Maq
9th – June Jones (Two Steps On The Water)
16th – Jerome Knappet
23rd – Extreme Wheeze
30th – Zzzounds (SYD) 

See you therejesslockeres