Artless Armchair 11


Artless Armchair 11
December 4-5 2015

Set in the secluded backdrop of Forrest, VIC Artless Armchair 11 is a showcase of DIY gems from all over the country.
Music from the Lesstalk staple bands and friends of the label past and present, Artless Armchair 11 is set to be something really special and well worth the $25 bucks for the weekend.

With two nights of music and plenty of down time to explore and take in the area, it’s the perfect way to get away from life and remember why we all make and love music. Please join us in enjoying the positive vibes of a community removed from ego and focused on remaining together and all the connections we’ve all made through a DIY culture.

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Getting There
Friday bands begin at 8pm. Come early if you want to set up in daylight and hang out.
The Wonky Donkey, Forrest, VIC is a 1 hour 45 minute drive from Footscray

Cabins + Camping available at The Wonky Stables from $30
Book Here for accommodation РDecember 4th and 5th

$25 per person for the whole festival
Buy Ticket Online for December 4th – Artless Armchair 11

ArtlessLogoSmallArtwork by Jess Locke.