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REVIEW: Magrudergrind – Magrudergrind

For the most part, I don't like writing negative reviews. I seems a waste of my time and effort to go out of my way to write negatively about something. I would much rather spend my time building up bands and releases I truly believe are worthwhile and deserve all the support and attention they can get.

This is going to be one an exception to the rule.

Magrudergrind are a modern grindcore group from Washington D.C. who have built up something of a cult following over the years, and have been lucky enough to land the release of their debut full length album on the very well respected Willowtip Records. I had been meaning to check out this album for a long time; it was jotted down on my ridiculously huge 'to do' list as soon as they album was released.

I've spun the album three times this morning, and you know what? Fuck this album and fuck this band. This is nothing more than a blatant worship of the more prominent European modern grind bands. Aside from the mildly amusing hip-hop track, Magrudergrind do fucking nothing other than directly rip off Rotten Sound one track, then Nasum the next. They're not even clever about it; everything from the guitar tone to the production on the vocals is directly lifted from the modern grind style of Nasum.

Don't get me wrong; the song's aren't BAD - how could they be? Nasum and Rotten Sound can write a pretty good grind tune. I'm actually pretty certain that plenty of grindheads will love - or at the very least like this album, which is fine. It's not offensively bad; it's just offensively STOLEN MUSIC. Don't believe me? Listen to the third track Rejecting The Militant Promise. Poor Mieszko.

Personally I see no value in this band or this album. It is a waste of time, and will probably only be appreciated by those absolutely dying for a hit of modern grindcore. Please stop stealing music - or at least be clever about it.

Posted by Lachlan
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  1. This is probably my least favorite Magrudergrind release, but for fuck’s sake you are so far off the mark in your comparisons.

  2. Cd is good – great guitar tone and energy
    Most grind bands even nasum admit to “borrowing” riffs ultimately all from Napalm Death !!

  3. Sorry Kevin, please correct me? So many elements just scream Nasum and Rotten Sound to me. Obviously inclusive is all the Swedish/European crust and hardcore that Nasum were so influenced by; but that goes without saying. I’m not sure if that’s even important to pinpoint the exact influences. It’s a fairly well done, but wholly derivative album. I went out of my way to say it’s not bad; just derivative. You’re free to disagree with me; I don’t mind.

    To the Beyond Terror boys; it may have just been a case of hearing the wrong album at the wrong time. I remember being really excited when I heard a few preview tracks off this album. And of course so much hardcore, metal and grind is all based on the foundations a few bands laid out; I’m just having a little bit of an internal debate about the value of that music in the grand scheme of things. A crisis over “genre music” in general. So many bands just rehash Napalm Death its fucking insane!

    But to my point; hearing Carla Kihlstedt’s “Borrowed Arms” by Two Foot Yard followed by this album puts things into perspective. Check it out if you want to hear something new that I’m in love with

    Very much looking forward to what you guys come up with for the new album. Feel free to give me elitist sneak peaks. Ebolie has started writing a single track 80 minute remix/interpretation as well as an awesome gatefold 2×7″ vinyl pack. The latter will be very much grind focused. Can’t wait.

  4. ben here D – i really like entombed chainsaw HM-2 guitar tones and Magrudergrind nail that without any bass – they are still a first wave napalm influenced band but the vocals and songs are heaps better than the split with shitstorm I got from bubsy.

    We finished all bart’s and alex’s vocals and waiting on one guest vocalist to do their shit. Mixing in two weeks and then who knows. New album is more diverse with us being less restricted and safe and experimenting a bit more with tempos and song lengths (both very short and very long)and adding loads of texture and sounds to songs to add to an atmosphere we thought would be more hopeful but is in the end more unsettling and harsh. It is still a grind release and probably mainly for grind fans and some death metal dudes than can like dbeats and punk riffs.
    We haven’t sold out and become Trivium as some people seem to think.

    Your views will be interesting as somehow BTBG has become in the eyes of the scene less about what music we make and more about how we aren’t following the rules of metal and it would be good to get someone who knows grind to actually listen to the music rather than what we wear or think about the world. So far we are happy and since we are self funding it all that is what matters in the end.

    About fucking time Ebolie got their shit together and released something new. Hope you guys get onto Grindcore 2010 and best of luck with Slaughtfest – solid lineup

  5. Man as long as you are writing music that you are happy with nothing else matters. Don’t worry about grind fans of d-beat fans or anyone else. I couldn’t care less what any scene thinks about anything. It just seems to be the wrong focus. If people are worrying about the clothes you’re wearing and so on then they aren’t really worth the time worrying about them.

    I’ve really dug all the new material I’ve heard from you guys over the last 12 to 18 months. Definitely pushing your comfort level and your boundaries is the way to do it. Can’t wait to hear what the culmination of all the work you guys have put into this record is. Very exciting stuff. You know you hit the mark when fans of music (not a genre) dig what you’re producing.

    Ebolie never has it’s shit together; but we’re trying to stay active and push forward with writing new material. Still waiting on vocals for the full-length which is heart breaking. It’s hard man, but we’re trying to hang in there. Treading water sucks.

  6. You’re all wrong, with everything. HAHAHA!


    I think the last grind release I really liked was The Arson Project’s latest. But I was in a much different headspace.

  8. My favorite grind album of 2009 personally.

  9. Since so many people dig this I might give the album another chance in the near future. I think I’m just tired to hearing grind rehashed.

  10. I heard some samples on MG’s MySpace. I admit I wasn’t overly impressed with 62 Trax…, but I really wanted to like the songs featured on the self titled.

    That’s not going to happen, unfortunately. The songs just sound really generic to me; when compared with Kill the Client, Capt. Cleanoff et al, “really generic” doesn’t cut it. Think I’ll leave the album off me shopping list. My local delivery office is fucking up anyway, and I’m not risking losing another expensive album if I’m not gonna listen to it all the time, you know.

  11. I’ve played on bills with Magrudergrind on multiple occasions and have watched them for years. Their live setting is where they are best appreciated. The music is not overly unique but its well executed and they put on a great live show. I don’t even see them in the same ‘scene’ of bands as the ones you compare them to so I cant really imagine them having influenced them all that much. They are also probably the hardest north american grind band going right now.

  12. I had a bit of another listen (after listening to The Arson Project and Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation mind you). My opinion doesnt really change. The album just seems stale and lacking impact. The album still seems very generic to me, and here’s why:

    – Many of the song structures and riffs seem very heavily influenced (or even stolen) modern Euro/Swedish grindcore: “Rejecting The Militant Promise” sounds exactly like a Nasum song, from the riffs to the vocals to the structure.

    – The vocalist users a similar mid-range vocal style of Mieszko: he uses the same kind of raspy mid-range with that slight distorted edge, and there are a few very clear examples of ‘utilizing’ Mieszko’s signature overlapping vocal patterns in “Lyrical Ammunition For Scene” and “The Militant Promise”.

    – The guitar tone echoes the tradition and production of Dismember and Entombed: naturally Rotten Sound are a big proponent of this guitar tone, and even vaguely echoes Human 2.0.

    – The blasting style reminds me of Anders of Nasum: the whole c-s-c-s thing just reeks of it. Obviously a style of blasting isn’t exactly a smoking gun since there are only a few variation that can be used, but in light of everything else it just adds to my overall perception.

    All of this coupled with an otherwise very narrow range of influences outside of those aforementioned bands just makes this a bland listen for me – and I have really enjoyed well-executed ‘genre’ grind bands in the past. Naturally this is all just my opinion. I don’t mind at all if you have a different opinion or really like this album or anything else. I am still regretting putting a negative review up here since it’s counter-productive and doesnt really help anyone, but c’est la vie.

    Really dig that Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation album though. Hitting up a review for that in the near future.

  13. Yo J; thanks for your comments man. If I was in the area I’d more than likely still check them out live. I’ve heard whispers that they’re pretty cool in a live setting. Maybe I’ll catch them if they’re at Obscene next year.

    I have no knowledge of the “scenes” or whatever that go on in America and it’s not something I’m particularly concerned with at all. I play in a grind(ish) band that is influenced from everything from Cephalic Carnage/Botch/Meshuggah to sporadic elements of Latin and Indian beats, chicken pickin country and bursts of jazz – so the idea that a band that someone places in one scene has never heard or been influenced by some of the biggest bands in an extremely closely related scene doesnt really seem logical to me.

    I have to say, I’m not familiar with the idea that someone playing in a certain sub-style of hardcore (would only exclusively listen to and be influenced by that one small sub-genre and be absolutely oblivious to an insanely similar style and the biggest bands therein. It just doesn’t make any sense to me man (though no doubt it happens; some of the more saturated death metal scenes are an obvious example).

  14. That FID disc is awesome throughout.

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