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Rotten Sound’s new “Napalm” EP available from Relapse, and it’s sure to be boring as fuck

As you may be aware, Rotten Sound have recently joined the ranks of Relapse Records. Their first release for the label seems to be the unashamedly entitled "Napalm" - an EP featuring three new Rotten Sound originals and three Napalm Death cover songs. But the real clincher here is the bonus DVD which features a full Rotten Sound live set from the Obscene Extreme Festival.

The EP was released yesterday (March 30), so go pick it up at the Relapse store.

Personally I could not give a fuck about this. Rotten Sound seem so stuck in their ways. They are boring and uninspired and seem totally afraid to progress anywhere. I've heard every single riff, blast, breakdown and vocal pattern in a Rotten Sound song before it. Snore. You guys are boring as batshit. Either take a risk and write something different or just fuck off. What is the point just rehashing shit?

Don't get me wrong - I really, really dug Exit when it was released in 2005, but we are now in 2010 and you are boring me shitless. Vocalist Keijo Niinimaa's comments on the 3 new tracks was basically that "they're faster". FUCKING WOW. WHERE DID YOU GUYS GET THE IDEA TO PLAY FASTER?!??!?! YOU ARE SoOoOoOo fucking innovative!!!! I CAN BARELY KEEP UP!!!!!!!!!!! They've got 1 cover and 1 new original up on their MySpace if you're interested.

Has anyone heard any GOOD AND NON-GENERIC grind lately?? If so, please fill me in, because this shit is getting old.

Posted by Lachlan
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  1. you checked out the new cellgraft cd?
    free download on their blogspot… fucking punishing cd…

  2. Rotten Sound rule, Lachlan your just a fag, but this sounds like a gay release.

    and grind is allways generic deal with it.

  3. Yeah well see how you feel about Rotten Sound after hearing them keep re-making the same fucking album 5 years down the track.

    Grind is not always generic. Nasum were not generic. Discordance Axis were not generic. I don’t think Pig Destroyer are generic. Your statement is rubbish.

    I mean, of course, some generic grind is good, but I am at the stage where I am so fucking shit-bored of lazy fucking uninspired boring bland bands rehashing other peoples music because they cant form an original idea in their heads. I haven’t got any time for and they can fuck off. There is so much more music out there in the world to be discovered.

    Saw I semi-related Lightning Bolt quote from when they just started: “People who like listening to music listen to grunge. People who like making music listen to Japanese noise.”

  4. maybe your just getting to old for grind maybe you should start listening to more sophisticated music like Italiano,Jazz and Opera? Oh and Nasum and Discordance Axis are 2 of the greatest grind bands ever, Pig Destroyer are also great Prowler In The Yard is a classic.

    see you and take care, think about what I said some Italian Opera may be good for you.

  5. what a stupid, juvenile post. why are you even bothering to write about this shit when you don’t like grind anymore? i don’t like rotten sound at all but youve got a nerve bashing them and paying out grind for being unoriginal when youve just gone and blatantly mirrored every stoner band in existence while creating your new band. moron. go write some more gushing newb reviews of equally uninspiring stoner bands now that youre the straight-up doom master of the internet and leave the grind to people who actually like it

  6. eat bulls has one very sandy vagina.

  7. Are you a member of some bizarre grindcore politically correct awareness movement or something? Freakin weirdo man. WE MUST ALL BE POSITIVE ABOUT GRINDCORE AND NEVER EXCERCISE CRITICISM FOR THE GOOD OF THE SCENE. What comes next, subsequent drugging and rape followed by ritual suicide?

  8. more ignorant crap. you really, really don’t get it. i dont know why i bothered.

  9. Neither do I.

  10. I understand that posting negative things about bands really does no one any particular good – and for the most part I do seriously try and avoid it – but surely you can also recognise that this has always been a place that I voice my personal opinion. If I have an opinion, it will be voiced. I am not just here to echo press releases. I am here to support music *I* am passionate about.

    I was frustrated that Rotten Sound have failed to progress anywhere in 5 years and I’m fucking sick of it. Deal with it. If you still think I’ve somehow missed something fundamental, please have the decency to explain it.

  11. how old are ya Lachlan? you seem to have been listening to grind for a long time.

  12. Not really. I’m 24. Probably started listening around 17.

  13. Im 17, do you remember me Lachlan?

  14. Yeah dude. You’re the blond kid from the Ebolie instore if I’m not mistaken. Repressed Records dont really want to do too many instores now which sucks… I wanted to organise a few. I guess you’ll just have to turn 18 already!

  15. Ha Ha Ha for real man!

  16. I turn 18 in November.

  17. “I understand that posting negative things about bands really does no one any particular good”

    Depends – if, by negative, you mean critical, then it cant ever be a bad thing. People need to know what they are or could be doing wrong in order to improve it. That being said, bands do their own thing most of the time and that’s fine, they then have to deal with not having people who enjoy what they do.

  18. Alright, let me rephrase it. I don’t personally see much value in expending energy telling you about bands I don’t like when there is such a plethora of brilliant bands out there. I find it far more justifiable to give attention to those worthwhile bands – especially when so many of them are absolutely unknown. Exposing myself to music I don’t like isn’t good for my health anyway.

    It’s pretty funny that I say this while writing for a ‘grindcore blog’. My new one should be checked out by people who like music instead of just a few narrow subsets of sub-genres. The good ONE, man.

  19. blame ginger man.

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