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REVIEW: Genghis Tron – Board Up the House

Genghis Tron - Board Up the HouseGenghis Tron are an enigma in more ways then one; the most obvious way is their musical style, which is so insanely unique and erratic you can't help but love it. They are also an enigma in that if you trace the path from Cloak of Love, to Dead Mountain Mouth and finally the new full length Board Up The House, you're left wondering how the fuck they ever got from one point to the other.

Just like Dead Mountain Mouth was a huge stylistic departure from Cloak of Love, so too is Board up the House from Dead Mountain Mouth. Now, I'm not sure about other Tron fans out there, but I was introduced to Cloak of Love shortly after it was released and I fucking loved it. I thought it was the best goddamn piece of music I'd heard in a long while. Maybe that’s overkill, but I did love it every single second of it. When I heard they were recording a full length album I was like a little fucking fat kid with candy hearing promises of even more candy to come.

What I loved most about it was the insane genre hopping; from grindcore to breakbeats, to swing, to hardcore breakdowns with ridiculous guitar tapping to calming ambiance. I loved the silly and totally inappropriate jumps into various electronic sub– genres – the music’s stubborn sporadic– ness flew in the face of good taste and commercial appeal. It was obvious Cloak of Love was the product of two bored, motivated College students with some insane ideas to entertain themselves.

When I first heard Dead Mountain Mouth it was a massive disappointment. I couldn’t hear any of the elements that made me love the first release. It took me a while for the album to grow on me – and while I don't strongly dislike it like the first time around, it still feel mediocre. There is nothing extra ordinary about it. Genghis Tron had become 'serious', so each track was comprised of 1 or 2 ideas and drawn out over a longer period, instead of being injected with 10 to 15 ideas and changes over a two minute space.

The bottom line is, the album was more serious and less fun.

Now we come to Board Up The House, which has some of the best cover art I have seen in a long time. Seriously, the first time I saw that cover I went onto Relapse Records and pre– ordered the album. I'm going to keep searching for a poster of it, because I am totally addicted to that artwork.

Shame I can't say the same about this album.

Genghis Tron have now replaced the majority of their drum samples with samples that sound like real drums... umm so what’s the point of that? Now the drums just sound like every other band. The band still have the fairly unique guitar sound and the same vocals, but there are massive changes in the song structures – like a lack of variation.

Forget genre hopping, for most of the album Genghis Tron tries to be Converge with a few modern hardcore/mathcore touches – and that’s not a good thing. We get loads of hardcore beats, and metallic hardcore riffs and a few little scattered blasts in between huge drawn out breakdown passages with token ambiance – and that’s what the majority of the electronic influence; token.

The band have moved from a massive spectrum of sounds and styles to Converge with token electronic ambiance. Wow, a handful of clicks and a synth building for 4 minutes – SNORE! There are a handful of interesting moments, but for the mostpart this is another letdown of epic proportions.

Bland boring bland bland boring bland stale. Go stand over there with Dillinger Escape Plan. Is it all a coincidence all these Relapse bands are going more mainstream and sucking more cock?

Posted by Lachlan
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  1. Thanks for the warning!!!
    Genghis, Disfear and some other newer relapse bands are all recording there albums with kurt Ballou at godcity – so no wonder there is a converge sound emerging
    I sometimes wonder if relapse signs bands one album after their peak – man must dies and antigamas relapse albums were nowhere near as good as the indie releases. ALso hear rumours that bands don’t get a fair deal from relapse and lots leave

  2. Disfear’s new one sounds like Motorhead with cool production. Haven’t listened to it enough to pass judgment, but I dont think I hear Converge there. The Genghis songs are written like Converge more than anything – but hey give it a listen before dismissing it of course.

    I thought you said you liked the new Man Must Die better? Add Dillinger’s new one to the list too. Heard many rumours about poor treatment. Hell look at Blood Duster. That kind of blows my idealistic viewpoint.

  3. whoever the fuck you are that wrote this review, open your fucking mind a little. you know why this album is different from the first? because if it wasn’t, it would just be the same shit over and over. i think board up the house sucks, and same with the first but holy shit, dillinger going mainstream? thats called having an appreciation for other styles of music, and being talented enough to use them. so fuck you

  4. Well boo hoo if I haven’t got appreciation for fucking emo tinged pop rock you little faggot. They have thrown aside their talent to appeal to stupid 13 year old kiddies like yourself who don’t know any better.

    Listening to a band like Estradasphere is appreciating a wide range of musical styles. Listening to that new emo guitarist tear up and burst into tears on Black Bubblegum is called a piece of shit and a bastardisation of what the band once was, and will never be again thanks to Pennie leaving. There is no artist merit in what they have done, and you cant argue otherwise.

    Go put on your mascara and comb your fucking whip dickhead. I love how you tell me to open your mind but can’t appreciate the first Genghis Tron MCD. Kill yourself.

  5. your review is kinda stupid. to top it off, your ears blow. i feel kinda bad that you worship bands as an elitist with no taste! plus you do not know your own genres, sad.

  6. See, in order to present a valid viewpoint you would have to actually explain *WHY* why review is ‘kinda stupid’. Of course, since that requires rational thought you just spout a bunch of rubbish.

    I don’t know my own genres? What fucking ‘genre’ is Genghis Tron? Hardcore-grinding-post-electro-breakbeat-core? If being an elitist means I actually filter out the numerous piles of shit that are constantly being lapped up in the music world then I’m fine with that label.

    Genghis watered down their sound to appeal to the new wave of Relapse kiddies. Go listen to ‘Cloak of Love’ next to this piece of shit, then kill yourself.

  7. lol fuck you all, dumb-asses! i couldn’t agree more on genghis tron’s other ep/albums or whatever. they are great. and so is board up the house. i will admit, the only reason i got into the band was because of their latest release. However this review is very poor, complaining of how tron “watered down their sound to appeal to the new wave of Relapse kiddies”.
    i think, they may have simply changed their sound into something new…. (so?) all bands with an inkling of creativity explore and delve into their own sounds. they have to, otherwise we would be listening to cloak of love again. what’s the point of that? its clear that this so-called ‘review’ is biased.
    Hardcore-grinding-post-electro-breakbeat-core?? genghis tron is simply grindcore/ambient/thrash

  8. Genghis Tron is ‘simply’ grindcore, ambient and thrash? The largest influence the current incarnation of Genghis Tron have are Converge – a hardcore band. They has smatterings of grind, as well as breakbeats and various ambient/electro genres. Strictly speaking, there is no real thrash influence. How does identifying different genres in the bands sound makes me biased anyway? I’m curious as to that logic.

    In my opinion (and make no mistake, this is all subjective – even your pompous and vaguely-defined opinion) Genghis Tron have regressed from a totally original, unique sound to fall more in line with Converge styled hardcore. They’ve diluted the elements that made them so unique in the first place.

    I’d just like you to know that you are entitled to your own opinion. Go and buy yourself a gold star for being able to speak your mind and act indignant on the internet.

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