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With Michael Crafter, every party is a P.V. Party

PV PartyNorthern beaches sweater's Michael Crafter (the band) are not previous fans of prom queen, they are a bunch of club hopping, pill popping powerviolence partiers. Their newest release is proof to that fact, release a split tape with DJ JAWA. The other side includes a mashup remix of all the other tracks on side A. Most definitely a very self obsessive move by this duo, but i guess when your band name is called Michael Crafter a split with yourself seems rather appropriate, keeping to the theme of that hardcore tosser. Songs were originally scheduled for a split seven inch release on the now spent Six Nightmares Label (more info about that here), they are finally out and about on the cassette due to drop mid December. It has some great cameo's from Iain "Gilbo" Gilbert himself so keep an ear out for those on the tape, after all he did produce it.

Michael CrafterThe other side by JAWA sees an experimentation by himself using only samples from the songs, jumping between different dance genres that I have limited knowledge on stretching as far as from Dub-step to Moombahton (some crazy hyper tribal stuff). And the other side more straight up lo-fi punk/powerviolence one can come to expect from Michael Crafter with songs about youth crews holding hands under the cubicle to take shits, smoking bongs on DY beach and the usual references to Michael Crafter's gym regime.

Listen/Pre Order:

Michael Crafter - Live @ Blackwire supporting The Hard-Ons

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