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Lachlan’s best of 2011

Eagle fucking Twin at Manning Bar. Incredible.Well, 2011 was yet another year dominated by souless, watered down music in the mainstream music industry. Bland garage/indie and horrid R&B-pop were, once again, the order of the day. Perhaps more disturbingly, some styles previously associated with underground music continued to be watered-down and repackaged into acceptable pop culture products - namely hardcore and metalcore, who have now seemingly completed their transition into music forms completely devoid of any human emotion or feeling. The post-rock scene similarly provided an endless supply of bands that sound exactly the same.

In spite of my general misanthropy towards the wider music scene, there were still some more unique gems to be had if you dug deep enough. What's more, I really felt like this was a great year for the various underground music scenes in Australia. I feel like there are more bands of more diverse styles going the DIY path, putting on great shows and releasing original, soulful music.

What more, Sydney was lucky enough to have Black Wire Records to actually support underground punk, hardcore, crust, powerviolence and grind.

Here's what I dug in 2011.

Top 5 releases of 2011

  • The Devin Townsend Band - Deconstruction: Brilliant. Possible Devin Townsend's very best.
  • YOB - Atma: If anything just for Before We Dreamed of Two and Adrift in the Ocean. An incredible doom record.
  • Bjork - Biophilia: The best Bjork release since Homogenic.
  • Graveyard - Hisingen Blues: I struggle to think of a better rock album released in the last decade.
  • La Dispute - Wildlife: An honest and genuine emotional catharsis. Honest and genuine.

Top 5 grind(ish) releases of 2011

  • The Kill - Shower of BricksThe Kill - Shower of Bricks: the perfect distillation of intense grindcore.
  • The Reverend Jesse Custer - The Reverend Jesse Custer: sludgy, raging metallic grind and hardcore.
  • Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt - Counter Transference: techy polyrhythmic, sporadic math/grind bliss.
  • IDYLLS - Amps for God / Plague Hell: furious fucking grinding metallic hardcore.
  • Wormrot - Noise: blistering and intense.

The 10 albums I couldn't stop playing all year

  • Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton - Knives Don't Have Your Back
  • Roots Manuva - Brand New Second Hand
  • YOB - Atma
  • Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Black Earth
  • Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Sunset Mission
  • Dax Riggs - Angel in the Dopesmoke (live bootleg)
  • Neil Young - Dead Man soundtrack
  • Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm
  • Worlds End Girlfriend - Hurtbreak Wonderland
  • The Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day

The 10 Australian releases you really should have heard

  • Hydromedusa's debut albumHydromedusa - Self-titled: Adelaide stoner rock that just oozes bluesy class. (It's FREE! Get it!)
  • sleepmakeswaves - And So We Destroyed Everything: An interesting post-rock record? Well I never!
  • Pirate - Left of Mind: Fantastic Sydney instrumental prog.
  • An Emerald City - The Fourth: Technically Kiwi, but a great, cinematic album.
  • Tangled Throughts of Leaving - Deaden the Fields: These guys came outta nowhere (Perth)! Incredible progressive, piano-driven music mixed with progressive and post music.
  • Mother Mars - Fossil Fuel Blues: Perhaps Sydney's greatest stoner/desert rock band.
  • Arrowhead - Atomsmasher: Or perhaps these guys are?
  • Serious Beak - Huxwhukw: Okay it's my band, fuck you.
  • Squat Club - Corvus (remixed, remastered and re-released): Now with even more mind-bending polyrhythmic clarity!
  • Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt Counter - Transference

My favourite live shows of 2011

  • Portishead at Sydney Harvest Festival
  • Eagle Twin at Manning Bar
  • Gotye at Angel Place City Recital Hall
  • Kyuss at The Big Top
  • The Reverend Jesse Custer at Town Hall Hotel
  • Captain Cleanoff and Death-Cult Jock at Black Wire Records
  • Ruins, Darth Vegas, Slimey Things (Featherfest 2011) at TONE
  • Clagg and Agonhymn at The Pony
  • Space Bong, Looking Glass and Hydromedusa at The Sando

Australian grind hero of the year

  • Jack of Die Pigeon Die. Just an all around good bloke who never relents in his selfless passion to support Australian grindcore.

You disagree? Oh what a surprise! What did you guys dig this year? Was it a good year? A shit year?

Posted by Lachlan
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  1. Look, I have branched out and I like 1000’s more bands than you will ever know.

    It all started with Grindcore then I moved quickly into Goregrind, then my mates showed me some Crustcore and Crustpunk.

    This fuck’n rulz.

    Get inta it.

    Then Dethgrind, powerviolence, postcrustgrind, Newwaveofbritishgrind and Noisecore.

    I think you should do a top 10 Oz release in every one of these catagorys. There has been plenty and they play by the book.

    You can keep your Ididn’tplayitcore, polishedturdcore, Extremeavantgardechristianpartygrind and your NeoclassicalFuneraldoomnumetal out of the charts.

  2. Jesus fucking Christ this website is an absolute terrible representation of Australian Grindcore

  3. so was that pathetic ‘AusGrind’ forum that for some reason i am unable to access anymore…

  4. Sydney ‘grind’ will never compare to the legendary MELBOURNE GRINDCORE SYNDICATE

  5. Yeah Melbourne has better grind bands (though you’re not in any of them). Congratulations!

    You just keep on writing that world-beating, highly original, sexually-frustrated gore/grind. It’s a display of ground-breaking musical prowess and intense artistic vision. How many heaps sick detuned power chords can one man play!?!??!? STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT!!!

    Where would humanity be without just memorable numbers “Enlarged Urinary Tract Neoplasm”, “Liquefied Remains of Digested Filth” and “Ape Rape”? You’re a credit to the species.

    I’m kidding, it’s real fucking exciting stuff and you’re a really important person that lots of people love and care about. I mean, shit boy, you’re even mentioned on AusGrind as the Grind Hero of the Year!

    Feel free to do something useful like start your own site covering grind instead of just staining your paints with your hot salty tears.

    <3 Lachlan.

  6. Dearest Jack,

    No need to be an elitist, I believe that you have forgotten the true essence of grind and the long lasting influence it has on many sub- genres. Who cares what state produces the most power-thrusting-grind. You need to calm your pigeon-grind-face with some Captain Cleanoff and maybe realise that not everyone likes the same old boring genre. Start up your own label, website and continue your childish rant elsewhere.

    Love from Monika (Adelaide)

  7. Esoteric’s new album <3

  8. Haven’t heard that one Jae, I might have to check it out. It sounds pretty interesting.

  9. Sorry Dale, Jack’s band’s are better then yours.

  10. Ahh yes, he is very deserving of your fandom. You very appropriately represent his kin.

  11. I’ll knife you, Dale.

  12. If only Seth Putnam was alive to make a song out of these comments…



  15. Muthafuckin time-lords never die.

  16. Never expected to see La Dispute praised on a grindcore site haha.
    Such a good album though.

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