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Best news ever: Newt Gingrich rally interrupted by local grindcore band

Newt Gingrich got blasted with grindcore. Awesome.This is the best thing I've ever had the honour of typing. Conservative Republican jerk Newt Gingrich and his stupid supporters who are also jerks had their Las Vegas rally interrupted the other day by a grindcore band.

The band is Traumatic Anal Devastation and they deserve your messages of love. They showed up outside the rally, plugged their gear in and initiated grinding procedures. Their suffocated supporters in horrid grindnoise for a good few minutes before their plugs were pulled.

Corbin said the inpromptu performance was a political statement based on the band’s agenda for equal rights, animal rights, and support of anti-war movements across the world. When asked how his band’s name reflected their political beliefs, Corbin stated “Traumatic Anal Devastation is obviously metaphorical for the way the government and capitalism has continually raped the public at-large.” When asked how people were supposed to understand the political nature of the lyrics given the undecipherable delivery of them, Corbin responded “Huh? What do you mean?” No reports of hearing loss or more than usual psychological damage from the Gingrich supporters who were present. [SOURCE]

These guys are my fucking heroes. Thank you!

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  1. Yes!!!! These guys are brilliant!

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