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REVIEW: IDYLLS – Farewell All Joy

IDYLLS - Farewell All joyIs this the future of grind?

Perhaps I should be more accurate. Is this the future of intense, chaotic music? Whereas so many bands that define themselves are 'grindcore' in a pure sense seem doomed to rehash the same tired old influences*, it feels like this crazy little band out of Brisbane spend their time pushing far more interesting ideas - not only in terms of riffs, rhythms and structures, but also sonically; their overall choice in tones and sounds.

On IDYLLS 'Farewell All Joy' the guitars crackle and squeek and scream and sparkle in the most bizarre way. Instead of creating clear, thick riffing, the guitars seem to attack with frantic metallic stabs - and effect is unique as it is discomforting. Lord knows what fucking absurd riffs they're playing half the time.

Disjointed sections, convoluted rhythms and dissonance rule in IDYLLS world - and this is matched by an overall production aethetic that is dry, trashy, and metallic. The result is pure cacophanous mayhem. It's like IDYLLS are digging into the very essence of sonic discomfort and chaos, and the effect is a very convincing one.

Unexpectedly, the final track 'Susy' departs into errie of reverb-drenched tremolo drone and feedback - almost referencing something that Earth might write. It's an interesting way to end the album after 9 songs of largely swirrling chaos (the exception being the more mid-paced breakdown of 'Amps For God / Plague Hell'). Or maybe I should rephrase that - it's an interesting dynamic to introduce in opposition to everything else on 'Farewell All Joy', but as an album bookend it just seem too typical and too contextless. I really like the concept and the idea, but I hope these more moody or dynamically dissimilar ideas are explored a little more within the actual body of the album in the future, rather than slapped on as an outro. It just seems too cheap.

But I digress. Overall "Farewell All Joy" is an intense, interesting and worthwhile take on modern hardcore. It's satisfyingly chaotic, and really leaves me wanting to catch these guys live, and  curious as to where they will take their sound with future releases.

Definitely check it out if you're a fan of early-Converge, Agents of Abhorrence, Daughters, and Discordance Axis.

Go get it.

* If you hold a dissenting opinion, please provide reference to grind brands doing new and interesting things. I would love to hear some new fucking grindcore that doesn't bore me into a predictable death.

Posted by Lachlan
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  2. So did all the stuff on the comp bore you into a predictable death?

    Did Ether Rag bore you?
    Did Captain Cleanoff bore you?
    Did Death Cult Jock bore you?
    Did Battle Pope bore you?
    Did Michael Crafter bore you?
    Did the Kill bore you?
    Did Nice Guys bore you?
    Did Night Hag bore you?
    Did Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt bore you?

  3. Yeah, definitely most of it.

    Ether Rag was a definite highlight. Note: that is the ONE song they have released. That – like The Kill and Insect Warfare – is more ‘pure grind’ done well.

    Cleanoff track is old. Death Cult is okay. Battle Pope is me. Michael Crafter has powerviolence/punk influence and is not pure. It’s fun, but not ruling my world. Nice Guys are not grind. Night Hag are more blackened hardcore than grind – also not pure. Fun live, but not really my thing.

    FGWMWS are ‘metallic hardcore’ aren’t they? Too jazz, too prog, not grind – but excellent. One of my favourite Australian bands currently. Why? They don’t do pure/traditional grind and incorporate a lot more interesting ideas.

    My point is, none of this is ‘new’ in terms of a new/recent release. The only new thing that you listed was that Ether Rag track, which was sick! Oh and Jesse Custer rule.

  4. Most of the comp, that you put together, to promote australian grindcore, you found to be boring?

    Why even bother dude? If this is how you feel, maybe you shouldn’t waste your time doing this anymore… seriously.


  6. How’s about those Kangaroo Kebab fellas? Not exactly your run-of-the-mill grindcore?

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