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Kitchen DIY Interview #1 – thedowngoing

I interviewed Mathias while he was down in Melbourne from Sydney for thedowngoing's Australian tour supporting their newest mini-disc release. This is mid week grindcore ramblings caught on tape and transcribed the old fashion way while I was making some pizzas for dinner.

Tell us a bit about about your latest release?

It is a limited edition of 100 handmade copies, i spray painted the shit man, it looks viral. The current tour is for this CD, and because we probably wont get another chance this year as we are going to the states later this year.

So how was it like recording with Jono Boulet?

It was great he is such a nice guy. He just messaged me out of the blue and I didn't know who he was (Jono Boulet from Parades, Snakeface etc). He said he hadn't recorded anything extreme and was interested. He has this mad studio in the back of this industrial complex, with asbestos in the roof and old machinery out the front, it was very grind.

How did that come about?

He saw us play at Beatdisc with Crafter and sent me an email after, and that he was keen to record, we were going to be on a greek compilation and needed someone to record that. We had to record that minute of music but we ended up recording 10 minutes of music as we got on a roll. 2 days of recording total. It took him a while to get where we were coming from, Matt you will attest to this as you mastered our last CD, but its all about "how high can the gain go", so it did take Jono a little while to get where we were coming from and what we were trying to do. But the end Jono was all about "how dirty can we make this, how filthy can we push it", its good because he is more separated from the scene and came at it from a fresh perspective, not getting tied up with cliches.

What has changed soncially since living together at the top of the Spanish Club in the centre of Sydney?

Not much, I don't have dreadlocks anymore! And I probably dont have lice anymore. Sonically... Muzz has improved his drumming a lot. Especially since the last release, he has stepped it up and this is a driving force.

And how did US tour that come about?

Primarily through bands we have met being featured on Grindcore Karaoke and J Randall. I sorta took the initiative and finding bands touring at that time, and we got lucky as Water Torture and Cloud Rat are my favourite grind bands at the moment. I spend a lot of time talking to fellow grind fans, because you dent see that many grindpals very often so if you don't send them an email chatting wont happen.

How many do you have left?

We launched it last week and now we have 40 left.

Are you doing any other releases, because you are touring the states soon?

We are doing a split cassette with water torture from the states, all new songs. We have to find someone to record that real soon. And we've contributed 3 tracks to the Monomaniac 7" Comp series, which should be seeing a release in the next few months.

What are the highlights of the US tour?

There is so much stuff going on over there I don't even know where to start... We are playing 40 dates in 45 days. Start in New York, east coast, back up mid west, 5 dates in Canada, then the west coast.
I think just hanging out and seeing so many new grind bands is going to be the highlight, there are so many bands that I've listened to and now getting the chance to play and tour with them is going the be something that I always remember.

Do you have any shout outs?

Dave Bate, do you know Dave Bate?


Jesus, Pizza, Michael Crafter (not the band)


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