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Download: Dot Dot Dot – Fits of Nothing

Not the cover for Dot Dot Dot - Fits of Nothing (but still a very good album)Ahh now here is a rare gem from Australia's extreme scene - so rare, I doubt even fans of the band would've heard this. This is Dot Dot Dot's never-released album 'Fits of Nothing' from 2002.

Dot Dot Dot (or ...) are/were a spastic, ear-piecing Sydney punk/powerviolence band with a bit of grind and noise thrown in for good measure. They played around 25-30 shows from 2000 to 2003, and it's members would go on to form the likes of Baltic, Guts, Altered Beast, ROFL*, Vae Victus, Predominant Slug, Maus and Sirens of IO.

The lineup was: MICKO (vocals), SHOGUN (guitar), ROCKY (bass) and DEANO (drums).

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me, well worth a listen, especially for fans of powerviolence like Spazz and Man is the Bastard, as well as every fast, angry punk band. It's a cross between fast screamy punk and powerviolence with some spastic and discordant shit thrown in with a few suprises and played with a sense of humour. There are some guest vocals from Troy (ROFL) and Ari (Nintendo Police, Baltic) in the mix as well.

Download action cop: Dot Dot Dot - Fits of Nothing

Now lets see if I can't back this up with some downloads in the coming weeks.

*Who have a killer out-of-print split with the very cool Frank Rizzo hovering around in DIY second hand CD stores - maybe I should see if the guys'll let me throw that up here sometime?

Dot Dot Dot Live Dot Dot Dot

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  1. Cheers for this. Been looking for some Dot Dot Dot stuff for ages.

  2. No worries; thank Micko from … for making this available!

  3. Hey no problem, was time to let people hear it as is/was I suppose!

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