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Ausgrind is a news site specifically for lovers of Australian Grindcore, if you are an Australian Grindcore promoter, distributer, artist, fan then read on.

Lachlan DaleLachlan- Plays/ed in Ebolie, Adrift For Days, Serious Beak, Dyke Destroyer, Battle Pope and Kill A Celebrity. He also helped run the Australian death, gore and grindcore record label Grindhead Records for many years. Now runs a label called Art As Catharsis Records.
criticalzombieholocaust [at] gmail dot com

Matt VaughnMatt- Runs Sydney record label Lesstalk Records and plays in Michael Crafter plus a bunch of shitty indie/folk bands.
matt [at] lesstalkrecords dot com

Occasional Contributors
Nathan - The new protege of Ausgrind, sits in the Blue Mountains listening to HM, swinging his bright red mane of hair around in circles whilst saluting the gods of metal.
Mathias Huxley - Another black soul who listens to only Gridlink and Discordance Axis.

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Please send your press releases to Matt, lots of info with pics and links (I'm lazy).

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If we like it heaps.

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