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Shitloads of grind news from Circle of Dead Children, Captain Cleanoff, Kill The Client, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace and loads more

Posted by Lachlan

Things happen. It's a scientific fact. Here are a collection of things that have allegedly happened (to be proven or disproven at a future point of time).

  • Circle of Dead Children recorded their new full-length Psalm of the Grand Destroyer back in November 2008. Vocals were finally laid down last week; now the recording is to be mastered by Scott Hull, then released by Willowip Records.
  • Beyond Terror Beyond Grace are finishing up recording vocals with Tim Carr at Studio 301 next week. Artwork is being worked on by someone called Rainsong, who has worked on designs for Nevermore, Jeff Loomis, All Shall Perish, Whitechapel, Aborted, Strapping Young Lad and The End. Not cheap I'm guessing. Apparently we can expect the album title and perhaps a tracklisting to soon follow.
  • 4 Dead have a new album coming up. FUCK YES! They record late October it would seem.
  • Portal have a new track online for download through Profound Lore Records. Download it.
  • Frank Rizzo are finally back in action with a new live track and rough demo track up on their MySpace.

Grind and/or die.


News from the 4 Fucking Dead

Posted by Lachlan

Here's an update from one of my favourite bands to watch live - the Converge-inspired, Canberra-dwelling 4 DEAD:

4 DeadWe have one show left for the year and it's with Pig Destroyer at the Greenroom, Canberra in October, this will be our first show at the Greenroom in about 5 years since we were originally banned from the venue for our usual antics. We have pretty much finished writing our new record, we have a few loose ends to tidy up but we are looking at doing a pre-production in November 08, then head into the studio in December 08 to lay down 12 tracks of the most fucked up and pissed off shit we have ever written. So early 2009 we will release the album and then rest of the year we are planning to tour the shit out of it.

We have some new merch designs available, if anyone is interested in picking up anything, please hit Jon up at: flockofdeadsheep (AT)

4 DeadWe will be releasing a series of live CD'S through our good friends at Soviet Records, it will be limited and have some slight variations to each CD. These will only be available at shows or if you hit us up on myspace. Release date will be announced soon.  Also in the works is the release of BLOOD AND PISS Gatefold 12", more info on that release in the near future.

4 DeadAlso a lot of people have asked us about the guests vocals in Blood and Piss that we left out of the CD. We had Jiggzy (Jungle Fever), Rob (Stronger than Hate) and Eli (Stockholm Sydrome) help out with the gang vocals on the recording and Eli also features on the second half of the track 48 Cemetery. All the rest of the additional backing vocals done by Jon Dangerous and Shane Dead. Hope that info helped.


Take Care,


4 Dead


Conquest for Death Australian Tour

Posted by Lachlan

Conquest for Death liveConquest for Death have announced a tour of Australia during October with Cut Sick!

Conquest for Death is a fast thrashy old school hardcore outfit made up of members of What Happens Next?, Artimus Pyle, All You Can Eat, Love Songs, Charm (Japan), Pisschrist & Straightjacket Nation - so it's a little bit of a punk rock supergroup.

They're playing with The Kill, Dad They Broke Me, The Corruptors (members of Los Diablos, Space Bong and The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers), Straightjacket Nation, 4 Dead, Crux, Deathcage, Maus and Pathetic Human over the course of the tour. They've got a pretty crazy live show, so be sure to cut the sleeves off your old Sick of it All t-shirts, do some dumbell curls and practice your spin kicks before the gig rolls around.

All shows with Cut Sick except *
*Friday October 10 - The Arthouse, Melbourne
w. The Kill, Dad They Broke Me, Useless Children, Doubled Over

Saturday 11th October - Worldsend, Adelaide
w.Snake Run, Corrupters (members of Los Diablos, Spacebong & Guantanamo Bay City Rollers)

Sunday 12th October - Fitzroy Bowls Club, Melbourne ALL AGES 7pm start
w. Straightjacket Nation

Tuesday 14th October - Bar 32, Canberra
w. 4 Dead, Slowburn

Wednesday 15th October - Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
w. Shitfight, White Male Dumbinance

Friday 17th October - The Jubilee, Brisbane
w. Insurgents, Dick Nasty & Hatefuck

Saturday 18th October - Maggotsville, Sydney
w. Crux, Deathcage & Maus

Sunday 19th October - Bar Open, Melbourne
w, Pathetic Human, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam & Pissbolt.

Conquest for Death Australian tour


Last night and the rest of the weekend

Posted by Matt

ErgoAfter watching the Muscles CD Launch modular party in Newcastle last night and getting a grand total of 2 hours sleep, I'm still feeling quite light and fluffy this morning at work.
It was too bad the entire room was filled with fuckwits, end everyone knows spitting on chicks I don't like is my favorite pastime, especially after a couple rums, and as they say... when in Newcastle.

There were some awesome bands playing including Ergo B Bag and 25 of his mates all dressed up like abba singing along to party tracks to the preloaded beats on 5 Casio Keyboards, awesome. It sounded like the inside of a pedophiles head, who is in the middle of a really big high at a sweet 16th.
After every song he would walk off the stage, 5 girls would powder his nose, feed him crackers and water, and then he would get reintroduced on stage again like a god, best thing ever!
SYLK were awesome, 3 chick rappers kinda that weird female speak rap stuff, and they were hot, too bad they played just before Muscles cos the entire crowd booed them off but I thought they were pretty good considering the horrible mixing.
Muscles was awesome, everyone moved. And he has a lot of really good songs. (Sorry had to write that before I hit the ground)

Anyway GRIND! haha

Bulémaconda - Tonight

Where: Bowral Youth Centre, Loseby Park, Park Road, Bowral, NSW
Time: 6pm (we open so arrive at 6)
How much: $5
Other bands: Curse at 27, Sienna Skies, Bayswater, Fuxton

4Dead - Saturday

Fattura Della Morte EP Launch (Dead, Deader, Deadest)
Where: The Sandringham, King Street, Newtown (opposite newtown high), Sydney, New South Wales
Cost : $10
Other Bands: TAIPAN, EXILED (ex no jazz, deadwalk) and 4 Dead

Oxford Tavern
Woolongong - Heaps of Punk Bands
AVO, The Blackmarket, Topnovil, The Hannigans, The Corp,s Take Down, Run 4 Cover, Standing 8 count, Rukus


Woolongong Gig

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