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Lesstalk Records releases grindcore music: Machinoir | Dissonance Process Split

Posted by Matt

The record label that "famously" hosts this blog (Lesstalk Records) is actually releasing the grindcore music it writes daily about, i know weird huh? The Blue Mountain's own Machinoir is releasing a split today with US noise artist The Dissonance Process. Machinoir uses laptop cinfigurations of noise, broken guitars and effects to create lo-fi grindcore, 33 tracks in total this release is definitely the most extreme music released by Lesstalk Records thus far. My favourite tracks on the split by Machinoir are truth, song written on a scrap of paper and pylon, so just skip to those ones for the hit singles. Nihilism through SSRIs by The Dissonance Process is some of the only blackened music I enjoy, some really great drone black noisecore. Hooray for Australian grind! For fans of Xrin Arms, Mechagodzilla & Discordance Axis.

Download for free or buy or just listen.

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