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Agents Of Abhorrence, Extortion, Internal Rot and Aeroflot – Wednesday 22nd Feb at Bendigo Hotel

Posted by Matt

Hooray for school night grindcore, feature members of Agents of Abhorrence doing a hectic grind.

This will likely be Agents Of Abhorrence's last show before the US shows mid year and Extortion, Internal Rot and Aeroflot are also as equally as grind and will grind as hard as an 18year old at schoolies grooving to a Jay-Z song.

Straight out of the Sound Park and straight onto the stage, like true heroes of Australian grind. With most members doing a grind more than once lets hope they can keep up the relentless blasting all night loong. Featuring members of the Melbourne grindcore scene.

Wednesday 22nd February
Bendigo Hotel
125 Johnston Street, Collingwood, vi 3066

Agents of Abhorrence
Extortion (featuring members of Extortion)
Internal Rot (featuring members of Agents of Abhorrence)
Aeroflot (featuring members of Agence of Abhorrence)

8pm - $8

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Injury to Eye – Path Pathology Pathos out now on No Escape Records

Posted by Lachlan

Injury to EyeNo Escape Records have just released "Path Pathology Pathos" by the now defunct Melbourne death metallers Injury to Eye (which features members of Roskopp and Aeroflot).

"Path Pathology Pathos" was originally released as a demo in late 2003; but this raw slab of old school death metal has been resurrected, repackaged (and one can only imagine re-mastered) and given the full release treatment by the passionate staff at No Escape Records. These guys play death metal in the vein of Autopsy, Incantation, Abramelin, Acheron, Necrotomy and Disembowelment with that uncomfortably dark atmosphere most overproduced modern death metal bands seem to miss.

Here's the official release description from No Escape Records:

In late 2003, seemingly from out of nowhere, the Path Pathology Pathos demo by a totally unknown band mysteriously made its way into the hands of various people among the Melbourne death metal and grindcore underground and basically tore everyones' heads clean off! Who the fuck were Injury To Eye, and where the hell did they come from?

This was an incredible demo containing five tracks of raw old school death metal that were obviously crafted by persons very well versed in the schools of Autopsy and Incantation, and their Australian forebears Abramelin/Acheron, Necrotomy and particularly Disembowelment. It was dark, violent, heavy and had a distinctly original quality that separated them from legions of homage bands, melding monstrous death metal with primitive 80’s style grindcore, ominous doom metal and a fractured and almost abstracted approach.

The sprawling instrumental centrepiece Mysteries even evokes the unnerving audial menace of Today Is The Day’s debut album Supernova, with its unsettling construction of discordant, jagged doom and an obscure found monologue that gives it an even more sinister and disturbing effect. Unfortunately after only two live shows the band folded, but despite the criminally short lifespan of Injury To Eye, this demo remains a singularly unassailable musical document and is bound to attain the cult status it deserves as one of the very best demos, or even death metal releases, of the past decade! No Escape is thrilled to finally crack open the cryptal vault and expose the rest of the world to this foetid piece of elusive underground death metal history!

With members going on to form Aeroflot and join Roskopp, Injury To Eye may lay lifeless, but its loathsome bloodline will continue to course through the veins of others and spread its contaminative legacy for years to come! Head to to order your copy .


Grindcore 2008 Recap

Posted by Lachlan

Alright, alright, alright - here is a looong overdue recap of No Escape Records' Grindcore 2008.

First of all, I love the fact that No Escape have been able to initiate a mini-festival purely aimed at grindcore - how could you not? I'd love to see this annual Grindcore festival grow to incorporate a wider range of Australian acts and possibly some international headliners - and from the talk over at the No Escape Records forum, that looks like a distinct possibility.

The line-up would've made any grindhead weep with joy: you've got Blood Duster, Garbage Guts, Fuck I'm Dead, The Day Everything Became Nothing, The Kill, Die Pigeon Die, Super Fun Happy Slide, Roskopp and Aeroflot - thats a handful of my very favourite grind bands right there. Unfortunately the show stoppers Captain Cleanoff had to pull out to Murray getting into a serious accident, which saw Aeroflot quickly take up the opportunity to open up the show.

I've got to say that the set up on the day was great - the Corner Hotel was a prime choice of venue; with plenty of room and two stages (one huge, the other more 'intimate'). I'm not sure about the PA equipment though because some bands seemed to lack a punch to their live sound. The PA on the smaller stage looked very small indeed.

I'm not going to bore you all by running over every single band of the day, so I'll just skip over the highlights: Super Fun Happy Slide are fucking sick. If you get a chance, make sure you see these guys. Brad is an animal on the kit - the leaves it all out there. It's almost as if he's sole goal is to fucking ruin himself as much as physically possible before passing out - and the cunt does backup vocals on top of that - letting out some powerviolence yells and violent screams every now and then!

Same goes for their vocalist Nic; you can tell he's a guy who just loves playing. The highlight had to be Nic's continuous dives down the brightly colour 'Super Fun Happy Slide' on the front of the stage while screaming. Classic. Their tunes take influences from a whole range of bands and grind styles - predominately raw old school grind - but they've got more than enough variation to keep things interesting. Nic's vocals range from aggressive mids to a killer sounding pitch-shifter. I'm not usually a fan of pitch-shifters in general, but Nic's got the shift just right - just low enough to sound just a little demonic. Look forward to hearing their new album on Bizarre Leprous Productions.

Other highlights for me were The Kill who blew me the fuck away. To be honest, aside from Captain Cleanoff they were the real reason I was there. Jay's drumming is fucking manically fast - how can a dude that big play so fast? It's beyond me. Again Jay doing backups while drumming scared the fucking shit out of me - and Roby's guitaring made me feel more than just a little inadequate. That guy can fucking shred insanely (though I wish his guitars were a little louder in the mix).

Though I had never seen The Kill with their old vocalist, Nic was fucking insane. He had the most violent, ear-piercing high-mid screams. The cunt was screaming so hard he was holding the mic a full 30cm away from his mouth. It was really awe inspiring stuff - they have to be one of the most intense grindcore bands on the fucking earth. I can't wait to hear more from those guys.

Amazingly, as soon as The Kill's set was done, Jay walked over to the other stage and sung for Fuck I'm Dead... how can one man do that? It can't be human. Fuck I'm Dead were my third and final highlight - I've always loved these guys live, and I was curious how they'd sound with a second guitarist and a drummer adding to the depth of their sound. The answer? Crushing.

This new drummer... man he's a beast. The scary thing is he plays everything exactly like the drum machine without a single fault. The guy is tearing through these songs at unholy tempos and does not fucking fatigue. It seems like I've been praising the Melbourne grind drummers a lot but Jesus fucking christ can those guys blast!

All I can say is: if you missed it, sucked in and don't be so stupid next year. The turnout was pretty bloody good - I'd say around 200 odd people. They had some very cool looking Grindcore 08 shirts on sale as well as a spate of No Escape CDs.

An all around killer gig that kinda put some perspective on the international grindcore scene - I doubt you'd be able to find a more intense line-up of bands anywhere in the world. I can't wait for Grindcore 2009! I'll post up some videos soon.

Grindcore 2008


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