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Blast ‘Til Death: The Free Downloads You Need

Posted by mothereel


It's been a while between posts, fuck you!  I've been going to shows and stuff.  What have you been doing?
And it went well over there..?
Well I'm happy for you.  Ok, well I am sorry I've not written, but we've both been busy and so until you can invent me more hours in a day, there's only so much I can accomplish.

What is all this about?

The aim to promote grind/death/noise/extreme artists.
Volume 3 is in the works at the moment.
You can currently download Volume 1 & Volume 2.  Featuring many great and diverse artists, I'll list some in the tags because it's the better way to do things, I think.  It's not all Australian stuff, but from all over the world.
You can check out the bandcamp here for more information.

If you want to be apart of Volume 3, time is ticking, contact


Shitloads of free downloads!

Posted by Lachlan

Well, I really can't be fucked tracking down some kind of cool download for today, so instead I'm going to feed through links of some of the past downloads we've featured. If you'd like your band featured for a download, just hit me up at criticalzombieholocaust (att) gmail (dott) com

Agents of Abhorrence - Live at the Pony: two piece violent grind from Melbourne
Anal Discharge - Swallow or Die Bootleg: maniacal booze fulled punk chaos from Newcastle
Crab Smasher - The Picky Eater: Newcastle noise
Dot Dot Dot - Fits of Nothing: Sydney grinding powerviolence
Grindhead Records Release Sampler: 10 free tracks from 10 releases off Grindhead Records
Kill A Celebrity - Grindslaughter: Sydney caustic grind three piece
McClane - Push Start: killer energetic punk/hardcore from Canberra
Mother Eel - A Slut Is Not A Bad Thing: heavy mental grind and metal from the Blue Moutains
ROFL / Frank Rizzo - The Crash That Ended In E: An awesome out of print split from two Sydney punk/powerviolence bands

Fantomas / Melt Bannana - Split Single
John Zorn / Napalm Death - Split: Chaotic avant-garde jazz meets grind!
Magrudergrind - 62 Trax of Thrash
Naked City - Radio: Ultra fucked up genre skipping jazz grind!!!
Nasum / Agathocles - Split
Various - Anti Nazi Compilation
Various - Spains Early Noise/Grind History
Virulence - A Conflict Scenario: Incredible jazz powerviolence grind (think Dillinger but more violent... and more jazzy)

Dont say I dont do nothing for yah.


Obscene Extreme report from Diabolical Conquest

Posted by Lachlan

Obscene Extreme fansThe killer extreme webzine Diabolical Conquest have put up a fairly comprehensive run down and review of this years Obscene Extreme festival over in the Czech Republic. I know I'm pretty obsessed with the festival, so I found this to be pretty interesting stuff.

Bands such as Macabre Minstrels, Hell Show, Poppy Seed Grinder, Ass to Mouth, Keitzer, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Fucksaw, Disturbance Project, Cerebral Turbulency, Malignant Tumour, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation, Mesrine, Splitter, Putrid Pile, Cock and Ball Torture, Regurgitate, Agathocles, Namek, Dead, Pisschrist, Impaled Nazarene, Extreme Noise Terror and Macabre were at the festival, and Baz also managed to catch up with Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth) for a quick ad-hoc interview.

Check it out at Diabolical Conquest by clicking here!


To Live A Lie – New Releases

Posted by Matt

New releases from US grind label To Live A Lie.


KAKISTOCRACY play crucial NC mountain crust and have been around for probably a decade. This is their first output after a three year wait following their crushing LP on Profane Existence. NUX VOMICA is ex-Wake Up On Fire and is scathing, ripping, metallic crust punk.


ARCHAGATHUS is the newly prolific Canadian AGATHOCLES-worshiping act, but I promise you they are better. Actual real thought out recordings rather than releasing random practice tapes from the mid 90's (sorry AGx, I have a special place for you in my heart even though I called you out). This stuff rips. SAKATAT from Turkey bring anything ARCH forgot in eight ripping quick grind anthems.

TLAL.23 - MESRINE / P.L.F. - split 7"
This is it. Thats all I can tell you. MESRINE from Canada have been around for more than a decade. Real, pissed, grindcore. Their newest recordings have a touch of death metal, or are at are at least more cleaned without sacrificing the raw mincing destruction. PLF tracks are so good! These tracks are like a cocophonous melange of grindcore and thrash metal. Wow. Texan domination. TLAL exclusive.

CONGA FURY masters have been lost in the mail for three years until finally they have made the journey from Japan to myself in the US safely. Three years of anticipating this release and its finally almost here. Still waiting on SHITSTORM to record, but guess what, its worth it. After their Relapse release of "This Comp Kills Fascists," they are changing their sound for the better. Not sure if they want to me say why but you'll find out. If you haven't heard them before, the band plays mega brutal blastcore that has been known to crumple ceilings. Thats what was worth the three year wait. TLAL exclusive.



Agathocles & Sakatat – At Random Split (2007)

Posted by Matt




Download: Nasum/Agathocles-split 7″

Posted by Matt

The Nasum/Agathocles split was released in 1993 by Poserslaughter Records. This record was going to be a Blood Duster/Nasum split but it ended up with Agathocles instead. Agathocles contribute one live track and these Nasum tracks open the disc 1 of Grind Finale 2xCD, their swan song comp dedicated to Mieszko..

01: Blind world
02: Think
03: Scarecrows
04: No time to waste
05: Total destruction
06: Between the walls
1: Intro:Remember how your burger is made
2: Pulverised


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