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Review: Maggot Cave – Pub full of Maggots Album

Posted by mothereel

I've never had the opportunity to ask these guys how they formed, but I presume it probably involved a messy concoction of things at one of the many warehouse gigs in the days of yore. Pub full of Maggots (PFOM) is a bit of grindy hardcore fun, where a theme of caves and getting maggot is about as serious as one can be.
Overall, the riffing and vocals are a bit run of the mill, the latter breaking up the monotonous lower vocal with occasional screeches or a bit of a mid ranged yell. The guitars have an interesting tone, it's distorted but kind of dry, like memories when one has consumed too much fruity gordo from the sack, sort of inbetween some of the lesser distorted hardcore bands and just enough distortion from the earlier grindcore grandfathers that had some presence and aggression. The riffing borrows, sometimes too heavily, from other bands. This being most apparent with a Captain Cleanoff riff on Unchallenged Cave and I believe a Fear Factory riff on Talking Grinder…
They are having fun, let them.
Muzz's typically sloppy drumming compliments some of the sloppy guitars and it is proven on track Pokie Pig that PFOM is for the enjoyment of it all. You've got your tech death bands if you want precision. Muzz is a darling and gives it his all.
The highlight for me, playing the so-called reviewer, at this time, is Escape from the Cave: featuring the best sample, best riffs, vocals and drumming of the release.
I've not mentioned the bass player. I don't know if there is one actually. If the bass player played on the album, they must have mirrored the guitar quite well, locked right in tight and have a tone that isn't very memorable. Compliments to them for that.
I find the release not fast enough, not loud enough but it's a band having fun and I give PFOM 1 MiniCD of Agathocles, 17 sloppy Captain Cleanoffs and 43 Soul of a New Machine Albums.
Not that my personal score matters.


Review: Flatus – Global Developmental Decay Album

Posted by mothereel

This review feels that it must begin with a warning, upon listening to this album, it isn't grindcore. Of course, the band didn't say that they were grind, they merely responded to my offer to review releases.
There. Now you can decide if you want to read on, or go somewhere else, listen to early Entombed or something but you must do something… even pondering that last sentence could be your next 'thing'.
Global Developmental Decay (GDD) is an effort from a Perth underground celebrity list whose other/former bands being Funeral Death, The Furor, Cuntscrape, Maximum Perversion to name a few. The production has a fairly well rounded sound, thick guitars, the bass lower in the mix, but smooth and still present, varied vocal styles from melodic singing on the intro track and I guess I'll mention it now, as it seems as good a time as any - Carcass worship. Not the early, "good" Carcass albums. The later, not cool, ones. It's done well, they play well, the recording is done nicely, mixed appropriately and all that kind of stuff. It's just not the cool, good Carcass albums that are worshipped. So you get all the high and low vocal styles that Carcass offer, ok? Ok.
I think I'll also raise that I believe that either they've used a drum machine or the drums are triggered to such an extent that they may as well have. The cymbals are almost non-existent and the use of them is quite metronome-y.
Each song tends to have some great tempo and even time signature changes, mostly after a regular amount of repetitions of each riff. It keeps things interesting. In this way I am reminded of Cauldron Black Ram, only this album doesn't do that as well as they do…
Synths are present. Risky for some listeners, especially when paired with a 'massive' growling vocal, as it is on track 'Mark Bowen'.
Overall, the riffing tempo is a fairly safe speed, sounds like 120bpm or so. If it's at 124, I believe that's the "ideal" pop tempo and perhaps would lead to some headbanging as some of these riffs rightly deserve. The tone of the album is quite safe. The vocals aren't extreme although they are from such a genre but there's little vocal damage or shall I say "heart" in the delivery, purely decent technique. The drums or the machine that represents the drums aren't pushed in any menacing way, just keeping time at a leisurely pace, in a leisurely manner.
It's safe but it's well done, for what it is. Based on what I think Flatus are trying to achieve, I give GDD 9 out of 13 Black Ram Cauldrons and 22 out of 29 Carcass Heartworks.
My personal score doesn't matter.

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