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thedowngoing’s ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS is out today

Posted by Lachlan

thedowngoing - ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESSHate polished, over-produced grindcore? Well then thedowngoing might just be your band.

Their new album ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS is out today. It's 10 minutes of intense noisegrindhell for fans of Insect Warfare, The Kill, Pig Destroyer, Discordance Axis and psychosis.

Your grindlord commands you to:

I'll be writing a review sometime soon. This has to be one of the best pieces of Australian grind to come out in recent memory. So intense.


Good news from The Kill and Captain Cleanoff

Posted by Lachlan

Nik, vocalist of The KillAs the cool kids who subscribe to AusGrind on Facebook already know, there's been some good news from Captain Cleanoff and The Kill recently:

  • The Kill are set to release a split with Captain Cleanoff in 2012 (thats old news).
  • Noisear have just started recording their part of a 3 way split with The Kill and Antigama (fuck yeah boyyy).
  • Captain Cleanoff are currently in the middle of recording 18 new tracks for a full length!

You know, you'd already know this if you followed us on Facebook.


REVIEW: Antigama – Warning

Posted by Lachlan

Antigama WarningFollowing up their 2007 Relapse Records debut 'Resonance', Antigama are back with their fifth full length album 'Warning'.

'Resonance' was hailed by most critics as the peak of Antigama's recording career. It was also a slight but noticeable departure from the sound Antigama had slowly built on their first three full length albums, featuring clearer, cleaner production values and shorter songs. Instead of running through 10 tracks over 30 minutes, 'Resonance' featured 17 songs in roughly the same running time. The songs themselves were less cluttered and fairly absent of the dense, awkwardly structured and jarring polyrhythmic rhythms that had drawn me to the band in the first place. I still find myself listening to their debut full-length 'Intellect Made Us Blind' quite regularly and enjoying the muddied production mixed with mind-fuckingly complex and relatively indiscernible rhythms.

By giving ideas more breathing room and keeping most of their new material short and sweet Antigama had trimmed a lot of the fat off their music to create a more easily digested album. The more cynical among you might whisper conspiracies whether this was the work of the evil Relapse Records or whether the band organically progressed in such a direction. Whether this is for better or for worse I suppose is up to the taste of the individual. Personally when the excitement of the booming production wore off and I became more aware of some of the more abrupt songs that consisted of little more than 2 riffs I felt a little ripped off. The album definitely cooled on me.

AntigamaHowever, if 'Resonance' made me a little uncomfortable with Angtiama 2.0 then 'Warning' allayed all of my concerns. This album is a clear evolution from the work they did on 'Resonance'. and I enjoy this album over it's predecessor in every single aspect from production to execution. These quasi-experimental mechanical Polish grinders have managed to create a series of tracks that are more chaotic, complex and cohesive than anything on 'Resonance'. Some of the songs like 'Heartbeat' reach tempos I don't remember the band ever meeting before.

There are more intense Dillinger Escape Plan-esque syncopations, more viscerally crushing peaks, catchier grooves and far more memorable songs. This is also the first full length to feature new vocalist Patryk Zwolinski (Blindead) after the departure of their previous vocalist of eight years Lukasz Myszkowski. While Lukasz did have a fairly distinctive voice, I actually think Patryk's raspy hardcore bellow sits just that little bit more comfortably in the overall mix.

Very fucking impressive. Excellent work guys. All fans of chaotic grindcore should be grabbing this today!

PS: The only reviews I could find on this album from Billboard and AsIce are absolutely pathetic. So much for a critical analysis.

Antigama Warning


Antigama “Disconnected” video clip

Posted by Lachlan

Check out experimental Polish grinders' Antigama's new video clip for the track Disconnected off of their new album Warning.

For those playing at home, Warning was actually officially released through Relapse Records yesterday, so expect a review sometime in the near future. The band also has a few new tracks up on their MySpace.


New tracks from Mumakil and Antigama

Posted by Lachlan

There are new tracks online from upcoming releases from Switzerland's Mumakil and Poland's Antigama.

Mumakil have a song from their MCD "Behold the Failure" coming out on Relapse Records on the 31st of March. Antigama have a track up from their fifth full length album "Warning", also on Relapse Records.


News from Total Fucking Destruction, Antigama, Dog Fashion Disco, Buckshot Facelift

Posted by Lachlan

Peace, Love and Total Fucking DestructionTotal Fucking Destruction - the band Brutal Truth drummer Richard Hoak has called his "grindcore performance-art project" - have thrown a new track up on their MySpace page.

The track Non-Existence of the Self is from their forthcoming album. To call that song different is an understatement. I have no fucking idea what I think about it - it's like a mix of a radio rock verse and a screaming, thrashing blast beat chorus. It's definitely piqued my curiosity.

Their third album Peace, Love and Total Fucking Destruction is due out on October 28 on Enucleation Records was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan O'Hare (Brutal Truth).

Antigama New VocalistAntigama have just entered the studio to record their as-yet-untitled fifth full length album. The album will also be their second for Relapse Records. The follow up to Resonance is being recorded in their hometown of Warsaw at Progresja Sound with producer Szymon Czech (Third Degree, NYIA, Versania, Unsun). The session is expected to take about two week with mixing to follow. An early 2009 release date is planned.

Guitarist Sebastian (hehe) promises it will be their best yet and blah blah blah blah blah. And for all you drum freaks, the 'gama drummer Krzysztof "Siwy" Bentkowski has been feature on, so go scope it out. There's a fair bit of cool shit actually on that site. Well worth a read.

Dog Fashion Disco - Beating a dead horse to deadDog Fashion Disco are set to release a new CD and DVD; Beating A Dead Horse To Death... Again and DFDVD II respectively. Beating A Dead Horse to Death is a retrospective compilation album that comes two years after their swan-song avant-garde fucking masterpiece Adultery (one of my favourite albums of all time). They're flogging off some rare and unreleased material along with a handful of live tracks.

The DFDVD II is the sequel to the groups first DVD which was funnily enough called DFDVD in 2005. It looks like there is two full live sets here from their farewell gig as well as the Adultery CD Release Party. As a massive Dog Fashion Disco nerd it should come as no surprise I will be purchasing both from Rotten Records.

Some tracks off the new album are available to listen and their MySpace page.

Buckshot FaveliftBuckshot Facelift have put up two new tracks from some release called Anchors of the Armless Gods. These guys were previously in a fucking amazing experimental grind and gore band called Biolich who you all need to check out right away. I'm a bit of a fan of these guys, but the quality of this recording totally eclipses everything else I've heard from them. Scope out some new New York grind!

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