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Sete Star Sept – Australia Tour 2013

Posted by Matt



El Alamein and Stockades National Tour – August 2012

Posted by Matt

Yay Skramz is back! Let's just preface this post with my bias that Stockades are one of the best bands going in Melbourne (especially since Agents of Abhorrence just lost their singer).

But also lets talk about Brisbane based skramz band El Alamein have just finishing recording their EP with Chris Brownbill. I'm going to assume they recorded this at Sun Distortion (same as Idylls, Palisade, Laeirs and most other bands who have released through Brissy label Monolith), it's getting mixed & mastered in Philadelphia by Joe Reinhart & Ryan Schwabe (Algernon Cadwallader, My Heart to Joy, Restorations). The EP will be coming out in August sometime, Hell Is Now Love is releasing it in New Zealand. Also touring with El Alamein is hype math kids Stockades, these guys are from the other end of Australia, hailing from West Fitzroy, ghetto as noodle rock experts. Stockades are helping revive the minor skramz resurgence over the last 6 months with the likes of Laeirs, Zita Grim etc. The tour starts in Radelaide on the 10th of August. Be there.10/8 – Adelaide
Crown and Anchor Hotel – 18+
w/ Nebraska, The World Without Us

11/8 – Melbourne
Reverence Hotel – 18+
w/ Cavalcade, Edison

12/8 – Melbourne
North Haverbrook – AA
w/ Wil Wagner, Mr DNA

18/8 – Wollongong
Yours & Owls (Afternoon show) - 18+
Let Me Down Jungleman, Mowgli

18/8 – Sydney
Blackwire Records – AA
w/ Between the Devil and the Deep, Harbourer

19/8 – Newcastle
Hamilton Station Hotel – 18+
w/ Indian Gun, GNAR GNAR GNAR

24/8 – Brisbane
Crowbar – 18+
w/ Little Shadow, Wallow, Plainview

25/8 – Byron Bay
Mark's Shed – AA
w/ Shackles, Waiting Room, Postblue

26/8 – Brisbane
Valhalla – AA
w/ Capeweather, Makeout Creek

Tour Info slash Facebook Event


Jurrasic Penguin (NZ) and Wallow (Qld) Australian Tour – June 2012

Posted by Matt

Jurassic Penguin (NZ) decided in their trademark fashion to do something dumb with little thought and have now decided to move to Australia so we're doing some shows to get accustomed to our new country! Here are some dates they have thrown together over the past few months, we want to play as many shows as we can so have us play in your lounge/livingroom/bathroom please.

JP wish to introduce our fine nation to the Auckland’s displaced hardcore scene. The 5 piece play a blend of straight up and passionate DIY hardcore music for fans of Converge, Cursed, and Poison The Well. Supporting them for the trip will be noodle rock band Wallow, who are also heaps goods cunts from the Gold Coast and play emo pop music in the vein of American Football and hence every other Owen band throughout time.
Please like Jurassic Penguins page so they can overtake Parkway Drive and feel good about themselves and after that download their music to stick it to the law and feel good about yourself.

Wallow don't really want you to like them, they're to exclusive for the likes of you.. but do it just to piss them off. 21st: Brisbane - The Waiting Room w/ Ghost Town, Open Sea (LAST SHOW EVER) & Ansieta

Friday 22nd: Brisbane - Fat Louie's w/ Idylls (LP Launch), Marathon & Cape Weather.

Tuesday 26th: Sydney - Valve w/ Vices, Kangaroo Kebab, Postal, Tired Minds.

*Wednesday 27th: New Castle - Hamilton Station Hotel 'Hellnights' w/ Idylls & Inhale the sea

Thursday 28th: Wollongong - Good Jelly w/ Break A Leg, Clipped Wings, Cold Youth, Punchdagger

*Friday 29th: Sydney - Jura w/ Idylls & Zita Grimm

Saturday 30th: Melbourne - Black Goat w/ Michael Crafter, Old Skin & Kolkkous

Sunday 1st July: Melbourne - The Bendigo w/ Michael Crafter, Stockades, Term Four & Postal



A Poor Man’s Gig Guide

Posted by mothereel

First up is that The Exploited show has been cancelled.


I wrote poor man's gig guide because my searches haven't brought up much.  Matt's Michael Crafter is doing some Melbourne shows, you should have been able to see them.  So now it's onto NSW...

Video Nasty's Last Ever Show

Video Nasty's Last Ever Show

Blue Mountains Death & Grind

Meel are giving their money to Autism Spectrum Australia

 Facebook event for Meel (some members of Mother Eel) giving their money to Autism Spectrum Australia:

April is Autism month, it is encouraged for people to wear blue in order to raise awareness that 1 in 100 children are diagnosed with some form of Autism - a highly complex disease that is still not close to being understood, let alone treated.

Segression are also playing at the Agincourt Hotel...


God Bows to Math – Australian Tour 2012

Posted by Matt

Auckland’s best noisy boys god bows to math are touring the bloody hell out of Australia.

Three years in the making, recorded twice after a hard drive failure wiped the originals, but they got there!
It shows; god bows to math meshes the group’s latest works such as the moody “Slow Decline” and “Paper Trails” with their older work from previous releases. An amalgamation of the tried and tested with the new and exciting, which has allowed the band to proverbially stretch their legs.

April 13th - Adelaide - Crown & Anchor - with No Action and SparkShifter
April 14th - Melbourne - Gasometer - with Shit Weather
April 15th - Melbourne - Irene’s Warehouse (All Ages) - with Palisades
April 17th - Newcastle - Pharmacy - with Lennin Lennon
April 18th - Wollongong - Yours & Owls
April 19th - Canberra - Phoenix
April 20th - Sydney - The Roxbury - with Hira Hira and Mere Women
April 21st - Brisbane - Fat Louie’s - with Make More


Listen Here


Interview: Only Sleeping in time for their East Coast Tour – Feb 2012

Posted by Matt

A bunch of  QLD dudes Only Sleeping that I know very little about are touring south down the east coast of Australia soon, so before I meet them (IRL) I thought I would ask them a few questions about themselves, so you know... when I do meet them I know what we have in common. And that first beer will be a little less  awkward.

Tell us a bit about your band?
Five dudes who know each other far too well and spend way too much time together making music few people other than us will like.

What totes OG scene cred you got?
None whatsoever! Help us out?

Your biggest influences?
Collectively the list is probably something like Botch, Daughters, Tera Melos & Robotosaurus. Although I'm not sure how much we end up sounding like any of those bands.

Do you find the creative process hard?
It has it's moments but we've been playing together so long we've developed a really solid dynamic and bounce ideas off each other really well. We're all on the same page in terms of what we're trying to achieve and are comfortable enough to let each other know if we think an idea sucks without anyone's feelings getting hurt basically, ha.

What grindcore band would you love to see tour Australia?
I think it's time Trap Them made their way over here already, I'm growing impatient.

The best thing about being in a band?
It has to be having the opportunity to tour and make new friends in places you've never been before.

Who is your favourite Australian grindcore band?
At the moment it's a tie between The Reverend Jesse Custer and Vendors Rich.

So you are touring the east coast of Australia, why?
Because it's the closest place to us I guess! There's a well worn path there and you can fit quite a few shows into a relatively short period of time. Having said that we did just get back from a Far North QLD tour, so we do enjoy taking the path less travelled on occasion.

Why not Perth?
We can't afford it, that is the single reason. We would love to get there this year!

Where abouts in QLD has the biggest up and coming underground scene that you have seen in your travels?
At the moment the Sunshine Coast is blowing up, it seems like there are one hundred new skramz bands every week. Lots of house shows and mates, it's good to see.

What is the secret to getting more girls to your shows?
Is it still breakdowns and clean vocals? I'm not sure I know - if I did there would be more girls at OS shows, ha.

What does your mum think of the music?
All the OS mums are supportive, but I'm sure they don't really understand it. Whenever Sheldon's mum hears his vocals she's pretty reliable for a cry of, "That's crap, Sheldon!"

Anything else?
Just a big thanks to anyone who comes to shows or checks us out, it means a lot. An even bigger thanks goes to Lesstalk/Ausgrind for the support!

Stream their new EP here:

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