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DOWNLOAD: Drone from the Underside of the Earth compilation

Posted by mothereel
Lachlan has spent a lot of hours on this project this year. He really wanted to draw attention to some of the country's awesome fuzzy, droney, drug-addled groups, that perhaps don't get the attention they deserve - especially outside of Australia - because the reality is we can boast some of the most unique and varied slow music of any country.
Drone From The Underside Of The Earth

Drone From The Underside Of The Earth Front Cover

So Lachlan set off with intent to pull together some of his favourite artists in Australia's stoner, sludge, doom and drone scenes in order to get more people to discover great Australian underground music. But he was a little naive of quite how long it would take him!
The hard work paid off in the end. Drone form the Underside of the Earth features a selection of 26 tracks. This is a rare, eye-opening peek into Australia's rich underground music scene. At 3-and-a-half hours in length it's quite a ride, but we sincerely hope that you at least discover a few new bands as a result of this work.
Drone from the Underside of the Earth is a FREE digital compilation featuring Australia's best stoner, sludge, doom and drone bands, featuring: Space Bong, Hydromedusa, Adrift for Days, Looking Glass, In Trenches, No Anchor, Drowing Horse, Sons of the Ionian Sea, Summonus, DEAD, Futility, Clagg, Mother Eel, Log, Battle Pope,  Law Of The Tongue, Arrowhead, Moth, Shellfin, Futility, Sore, Noûs, Atolah, The Slow Death, Mother Mars, Lint and Houdini.

Old The Down Going Footage Online

Posted by mothereel

I'm meant to be writing up about a doom compilation, it's really good.  For some reason, I wanted to put this up first.  Footage I shot of The Down Going playing at The Sandringham Hotel in Newtown on the 22/08/2009.  Enjoy!


The sexiest music video you’ll ever see, thanks to Battle Pope

Posted by Lachlan

This awesome video clip comes by way of the most sacred Battle Pope; sludged-out sacred swing/grind from Sydney.

Watch it, order a bunch of methhookers, and then download the album for free.


Matt’s best of 2011

Posted by Matt

Being inspired by Lachlan's comprehensive list of his favourite 2011 hits I though I would put together a small list of my own. Personally I thought while trying to filter through the sheer volume of stuff coming out to find albums you actually enjoy, there was quite a few goodies to come from 2011, although often over hyped and just generally over saturated these days its hard to tell whats a hit and whats shit. I would like to read more about different music and original new releases but everyone gets the same press releases, the same promo CD's and writes the same shit about the same overworked bullcrap. My list might not be that surprising for those who know me, but hey, I can't help like what I like. That being said here's my lists.

Top 5 releases of 2011

  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Unknown Mortal Orchestra: After seeing them live this month I couldn't go past including this album. Just some great fuzzed out pop.
  • Tyler, The Creator - Goblin: Possibly over-hyped yes, but on first listen I fell in love, it gave me hope for the future of music.
  • The Middle East - I Want That You Are Always Happy: Great album full stop.
  • Adalita - Adalita: Sad chick music, sounds awesome and gives me goosebumps.
  • Anchors - Bad Juju: Aussie melodic punk, I listen to this HEAPS and it never gets old.

The best extreme music of 2011

  • The Kill - Shower of Bricks: Noone says no to The Kill
  • The Reverend Jesse Custer - S/T: Great grindcore from Canberra, straight up awesome.
  • Totally Unicorn - Horse Hugger EP: Party dudes, party metal, and are even better live.
  • Raein - Sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e quella di tutti: To help you get heaps excited for the Jan tour!
  • Ironhide - Create/Collapse/Repeat: Good album! I like listening this to psyche myself up.

Best gigs of 2011

  • Defiance, Ohio - Secret Show @ Sham Haus (January)
    Defiance should only ever be seen in a house show circumstance, where their music most makes sense, support by the Smith Street band and a whole bunch of acoustic locals. Heaps sweaty and awesome.
  • Iron Lung - Dirty Shirlows (January)
    Finally I got to see Iron Lung, as powerful as predicted. They need to play for longer, I don't care, I loved it.
  • Bluesfest - Byron Bay (April)
    Fishbone and The Aggrolites, need i say more?
  • Yo Gabba Gabba - Opera House (June)
    Front row brilliance and DJ Vance getting those toddlers screaming for more
  • Family Man, Atomgevitter - Bandung, Indonesia (July)
    I chose this show because it was a true underground Indonesian venue, sweaty, full of punks getting stoked on all things Kontrasosial and raging D-beat. A great show.
  • Artless Armchair 7 (December)
    Grindcore, folk, party rock and DJ's playing music on a remote farm for a whole weekend. My favourite weekend of the year... every year.

What I would like to see come out of 2012

  • More Weezer
  • White Male Dumbinance playing more shows
  • The new Agents of Abhorrence album
    I get a little hard every time I think about this new album finally coming to fruition.
  • More people finding great albums and sharing them.
    So more great music is heard.

Australian Grind Hero of the Year

Tom Scott for his tireless effort letting us play in his shopfront every weekend, feeding us veg pies and putting on great shows week in week out.


Gig Guide: 25/11/2011 – 27/11/2011

Posted by mothereel

There's a few gigs on around Sydney this weekend, but I'm not sure of the relevence to this blog.  Not like you attend them anyway do ya?

Naturally I'm going to put my interests first...

New Line Up, Still Good

All grind, all death, all 'good'

There has been a line-up change for the 3rd East West DeathGrind Fest and set times are posted up on facebook.

If you're cheap, but not too cheap, there's Lachlan's band having an album launch.

It is free entry to see a bunch of bands that have mentioned having problems with death metal, but you should buy an album... which isn't free.

Not to forget Friday, this is more doom than anything, but I've seen doom mentioned on here before, so...

And I'm bored of this.  Go out to a show.  Get info on other shows.  Stop relying on the internet.


New Hatred Surge, Warsore and Wadge releases from Blastasfuk

Posted by Lachlan

Blastasfuk GrindcoreIf you want to talk about a killer, pure Australian grind label, you'd be hard pressed to find a better candidate than Melbourne's Blastasfuk. Run by Roby (the axeman of the incredible, frenetic grinding trio The Kill), these guys pump out nothing but grindcore of the most unabated, unrelenting and uncompromising variety.

Here's the latest coming up from this little DIY label:

Hatred Surge - Collection 2008 - 2009Hatred Surged - Collection 2008-2009 CD

The 2nd Hatred Surge collection on Blastasfuk. Another 24 ball-tearing tunes from Hatred Surge. This CD release contains all tracks from the Deconstruct 12", previously released on LP by both RFL (USA) & RSR (EUR) and both the Isolated Human 7"on Painkiller Records & the 2 track Servant / Bestial 7" EP on Deer Healer Records.

Warsore - Violent Swing: The Complete Discography CD

Fast grind would be an understatement for this band. Warsore set a world wide benchmark, influencing many grindcore bands up until today and yet still stands tall above all. This long awaited release will see the light of day in October 2011 & will contain pretty much everything Warsore ever released.

Wadge - Reanimate The Hate: Collected Splits & Other Shits CD

Going by the title, this release will have everything Wadge has released on vinyl + more. For those unfamiliar with Wadge, expect total drum machine madness similar to Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Pantalones Abajo Marinero.

Listen here.

Order and read more here.

Oh and don't forget to grab the Blastasfuk classic -- The Kill's awesome Blast Beat'n The Shit Outta PBS live CD. It is fucking essential for any self-respecting grind fan.

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