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A clip of Noisear pretty much destroying everything

Posted by Lachlan

Here's a super-fucking-intense live clip of Noisear live in Berkley, California I just stumbled across.

Apparently these dudes are now on Relapse Records, but before that they were on Melbourne's Blastasfuk Grindcore, run by Roby of The Kill. You can grab a copy of Red Tape Agenda over at the Blastasfuk website. Do it.

Ahh yes, this is what grindcore should sound like!


5 Questions in 5 Minutes: Blastasfuk Grindcore, WeEmptyRooms and Animal House

Posted by Lachlan

Alright; a new regular feature. We sling 5 questions at a range of underground labels, distros, venues and bands to get their take on the best and worst of 2011, and their outlook on the health of underground music in Australia.

This edition features:

  • Roby of all-blasting, all-grinding Melbourne underground label Blastasfuk Grindcore (and also the fucking incredible The Kill).
  • Jem of Melbourne underground label and promoter WeEmptyRooms (also of DEAD, Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour and many others).
  • Joey of the Adelaide-based underground venue Animal House (who also happens to play in Hydromedusa and Prisonbitch).

5 Questions with Roby, Blastasfuk Grindcore (Melbourne)

  1. Favourite releases in 2011 so far?

    Wadge - Grindcore Lu'au on Grindcore Karaoke. Lucifer D Larynx and the Satanic Grind Dogs of Death 7" 666 EP on Must Play Fast Records.

  2. Most anticipated upcoming release?

    Wadge - Discography CD. Roskopp - Mutation Voodoo, Deformity or Disease CD.

  3. Best live show of 2011?

    Noisear and The Communion at Shea Stadium, New York.

  4. Is the outlook for underground Australian music dandy or doomed? Why?

    Doomed. Way too many trendy she males floating about. All image and fuck all good bands.

  5. Complete this sentence: _______ will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Robert Doyle will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Check out Blastasfuk!

5 Questions with Jem, WeEmptyRooms (Melbourne)

  1. Favourite releases in 2011 so far?

    Unstoppable Death Machines cassette (self released).

  2. Most anticipated upcoming release?

    Vaz - Chartreuse Bull.

  3. Best live show of 2011?

    Total Fest in Missoula, Montana, USA. In Australia - every time Wicked City play.

  4. Is the outlook for underground Australian music dandy or doomed? Why?

    The outlook is great. We have great bands and most of them know we can only do it for the love here and will never make it big. But people need to stop moving to Melbourne so the other scenes can grow too! Melbourne is not the be all and end all.

  5. Complete this sentence: _______ will save the Australian underground music scene.

    People who go to live shows will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Check out WeEmptyRooms!

5 Questions with Joey, Animal House (Adelaide)

  1. Favourite releases in 2011 so far?

    Graveyard - Hisingen Blues and Royal Headache - LP. There are clearly heaps more but this is all I can think of off the top of my head.

  2. Most anticipated upcoming release?

    Pusha T - Fear of God II and Space Bong's new album (when it's Chinese-Democracy-like extended editing stage wraps up).

  3. Best live show of 2011?

    I played show with Hydromedusa a few days after new years in the East Gippsland forests. That was one of the strangest gigs I've ever played but it was incredibly well received. Plus we were in one of the most beautiful places in Australia, drinking heavily and with good people. Seeing Earthless a few days before that in Geelong was also mind-blowing.In terms of Animal House shows: Stolen Youth's 'last show before Europe' gig was incredible. We maxed the place out with just under 250 people. Other notable gigs were Iron Lung, Fleshworld + The Zingers, Extortion.. Can't narrow it down, I've had too much fun this year.

  4. Is the outlook for underground Australian music dandy or doomed? Why?

    That question is HUGE. Music will always exist. People will always write it. Individuals that are into live music will always encourage artists to perform. It'll go up and down definitely in terms of how enjoyable it is for bands to play live and how easily it is to pull numbers. Venues in Adelaide can be hard to come by, and barely anyone really gives a fuck about organising anything for themselves.I am confident however that no amount of tumblr, destroy all lines clubs, dub step parties or inner-city noise restrictions will be able to kill off Adelaide any time soon. A lot of people are getting their shit together and making interesting things happen. This isn't just people writing cool music, it's people who are booking shows, who are endorsing the idea of watching a band on a Saturday night. I respect people who get over themselves, realise Adelaide is very small and therefore don't bother trying to acknowledge any clicky scene. Instead they support the idea a musical community, where people engage with all sorts of individuals, helping each other in sharing venues/spaces/equipment.

  5. Complete this sentence: _______ will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Giving all your money to ANIMAL HOUSE will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Check out Hydromedusa!

That's it for this edition. Plenty more to come. Running count: 1 doomed, 2 dandy.


REVIEW: The Kill – Shower of Bricks

Posted by Lachlan

The Kill - Shower of Bricks MCD (Blastasfuk)The Kill put together Shower of Bricks for their recent USA tour. Featuring 6 tracks from their upcoming split 7 inch EP with none other than Captain Cleanoff, this MCD acts as some sort of cruel grinding cocktease for what is undoubtably going to be an incredible release.

If you know these guys there are no surprises here. For me, The Kill have always the pinnicle of pure, unabated grindcore. You won't find them mindless sitting on a two-chord punk riff for 30 seconds - and you definitely aren't about to be violated by a mid-song chugging breakdown. The Kill are all about speed, intensity and aggression. They strip grindcore down to its pure essentials,  then proceed to beat you over the heard with them in a blood-drunk brainsnap that is as maniac as it is brutal.

Shower of Bricks unequivocally delivers everything there is to love above the band -- Jay's punchy blastbeats hit with seemingly unwavering, inhumane power; Rob's tight shredding guitar work and Nik's ear-shredding, distorted mid-high screams, lyrics mixed with his style of benign humour:

What was that object that just hit my leg / first band of the gig and some bloke hits the deck / didn't see Insect Warfare from his hospital bed. (Passed Out)

The Kill - Shower of Bricks MCD (Blastasfuk)With this MCD The Kill have reminded us once again that they are pound-for-pound the most intense band on earth.

If you enjoy the likes of Insect Warfare, Gridlink, old Pig Destroyer or early Napalm Death and you haven't heard these guys; correct this disgression now.  Go buy this disc (and Hate Sessions and Blast Beat'n The Shit Outta PBS) from Blastasfuk and await their split with Captain Cleanoff with an appropriately hushed awe.

Listen to a song here.

Buy the album here (you might have to email old mate direct).

And come to Sydney again soon you jerks.


New Hatred Surge, Warsore and Wadge releases from Blastasfuk

Posted by Lachlan

Blastasfuk GrindcoreIf you want to talk about a killer, pure Australian grind label, you'd be hard pressed to find a better candidate than Melbourne's Blastasfuk. Run by Roby (the axeman of the incredible, frenetic grinding trio The Kill), these guys pump out nothing but grindcore of the most unabated, unrelenting and uncompromising variety.

Here's the latest coming up from this little DIY label:

Hatred Surge - Collection 2008 - 2009Hatred Surged - Collection 2008-2009 CD

The 2nd Hatred Surge collection on Blastasfuk. Another 24 ball-tearing tunes from Hatred Surge. This CD release contains all tracks from the Deconstruct 12", previously released on LP by both RFL (USA) & RSR (EUR) and both the Isolated Human 7"on Painkiller Records & the 2 track Servant / Bestial 7" EP on Deer Healer Records.

Warsore - Violent Swing: The Complete Discography CD

Fast grind would be an understatement for this band. Warsore set a world wide benchmark, influencing many grindcore bands up until today and yet still stands tall above all. This long awaited release will see the light of day in October 2011 & will contain pretty much everything Warsore ever released.

Wadge - Reanimate The Hate: Collected Splits & Other Shits CD

Going by the title, this release will have everything Wadge has released on vinyl + more. For those unfamiliar with Wadge, expect total drum machine madness similar to Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Pantalones Abajo Marinero.

Listen here.

Order and read more here.

Oh and don't forget to grab the Blastasfuk classic -- The Kill's awesome Blast Beat'n The Shit Outta PBS live CD. It is fucking essential for any self-respecting grind fan.


Expect to see a The Kill / Captain Cleanoff split 7″ in 2010

Posted by Lachlan

Well there you have it. Two of Australia's (and arguably the entire world's) very best grindcore bands - The Kill and Captain Cleanoff - have teamed up for a split 7". Both bands will be contributing new material.

The guys from The Kill say "it should be out in a month or two" with all the artwork allegedly finalised. The frenetic three-piece (which features Jay from Fuck... I' m Dead and Nik from Super Fun Happy Slide, not to mention the shred-work of Roby Blastasfuk) recorded 6 tracks for the split at Jason PC's (Blood Duster) Goatsound Studio. They tracks they recorded were entitled Pub Brawl, Passed Out in 30 Seconds, Trolly Pushing Zombies, Lobotomised by Chinwag, Utterly Unimportant and Shower of Bricks.

The split will be released within Australia by Blastasfuk Productions, as well as by Give Praise (US) and Psycotherapy (Czech Republic). Keep your ears out for some new emissions from Australia's premier grindcore acts!

The Kill - Fuck Emo (at Grindhead Records' Slaughterfest 2010)


The Kill – Blast Beat’n the Shit Outta PBS MCD OUT NOW!

Posted by Lachlan

Without fear of hyperbole I can safely say that The Kill are one of the most unabatedly intense grindcore bands in existence. These guys specialise in stripped back abrasive grindcore played at an abrupt and break-neck pace, with angular and dissonant shredded riffing, caustic throat-shredding vocals and an unrelenting blasting pace.

On Blast Beat'n The Shit Outta PBS, Jay (Fuck... I'm Dead, Open Wound), Roby and Nik (Super Fun Happy Slide) tear through 16 tracks of caustic violent grindcore in 16 minutes. This is how grindcore SHOULD be played - and it's all recorded live and incredibly tight.

An unmissable release from Australia's most intense grind band. Own this if you like Insect Warfare, Discordance Axis, Gridlink, Pig Destroyer, Agents of Abhorrence or Captain Cleanoff.

Out now on Blastasfuk for $11 AUD (worldwide postage paid).


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