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Mother Eel announce new album: Svalbard

Posted by mothereel

Over at the very wordy and not often busy Facebook of Mother Eel, a new album titled "Svalbard" has been revealed.

They've gone to the effort of new artwork, some preview videos and some kind of teaser clip starring Pewdiepie.

See them all here:
Blasty preview
Czech Mountain preview
Pain preview
Elderly preview
AlphaMatt preview (featuring the vocals of Matt from Suppressant)

And in case the embedding isn't working... Pewdiepie


Mid-Winter Mountains Masonic Hall Gig

Posted by mothereel
$5 entry to the best night of your life. Dress code is Op shop formal.

$5 entry to the best night of your life. Dress code is Op shop formal.


Tonight is a show that is being called "the best night of your life", which for me isn't much to top*.   Featuring a slew of bands from the Blue Mountains, all with a harder hitting edge to them, but with different variances on the punk, hardcore, metal or rock genres, it'll be a great gig.

The night aims to end before the last train down the mountains and at only $5 entry it's a steal.  It's also All Ages, so you can educate your kids.  On the hush is that the event is also BYO!!

So get into dress code, Op Shop Formal, get on a train and get there tonight!

Facebook Event:


*As you're aware I spend all my time in my parent's basement attacking conservatives because I have no clue.


Review: Mother Eel – The Idiocy/Generosity Cycle

Posted by Mathias

In a mountainous cave in the most secluded section of the Blue Mountains, resides one of metal's most feral children. Lost for years, living with a pack of wolves, the human aspect has long since been replaced with sheer animalistic drive...

Listening to Mother Eel, I imagine some sort of Metal beauty pageant. Whereas their contemporaries are focused on sleek production, super polished riffs and catchy hooks, Mother Eel is like the disfigured, albino, mentally handicapped kid in the corner, who happens to be metric tonne more interesting then all the vacuous, pretty contestants put together.

This is pure filthy noise that one could describe as experimental metal, featuring healthy doses of both sludge and death metal to create a caustic wall of noise. And it was mastered by the legendary James Plotkin, so you know it's going to sound good (in that bad kind of way).

"Rip the Shit from my Throat" is the longest cut, and shows how Mother Eel is capable of blending some different ideas into a cohesive whole, ranging from relentless death-metal-esque sections through to a subtle, calming moment, that still sounds stupidly evil. This is the most focused mother eel have sounded in their 8-year history.

My only qualm is that, with a running time of just 9:47, that we could have seen another "serious" song or two. As only four of the eight tracks clock in over a minute... Perhaps this is where "the Eel" get their links with grindcore. What is offered up is enjoyable, it just seems to end right when I'm getting into it.

Anyway, i recommend anyone looking for some filthy noisy metal to check out "The Generosity/Idiocy Cycle". The Vinyl is available through those lovely folk at Grindhead Records.


REVIEW: Kontoh – Solid Gold

Posted by Lachlan

Do you like your grind fast?
Kontoh is the side project of Mother Eel drummer AJ, by choosing a pseudonym he is able to create more straight down the line hectic fast grind music. Steering away from the more metal based Mother Eel licks. Although this is a solo project AJ got in a few of his fellow grinders to help him record including Nakafuki Katsumi (Nathan Kenna) on Lead vocals, Silly Sally (Thomas Hungerford) on bass and vocals and Kontoh (AJ) on drums.

Kontoh pays homage to his heroes Scott Hull, John Zorn and mountain grinders Beyond Terror Beyond Grace. All songs were recorded recently in January 2009 for a quick and painless release possibly on the online label Crypt Designers Guild. All albums are up on their under a free licence, true DIY style. Some of the artwork was done by Rein Nomm, choosing a more abstract and serious packaging yet still with tongue in cheek undertones.

The latest release from Kontoh is a 48 track epic album from this fast and furious grind act, and still able to clock in at exactly 20 minutes. On a first listen to Kontoh it brought me back to early Anal Cunt. Most songs clocked well under a minute full of blasting drums and some fucked up fuzzy bass. This CD is great to have in the background whilst ironing to truely help you relax and i also enjoyed the recording style as it was all done with a live feel.

All tracks are originals except their are 3 covers from Anal Discharge, Naked City and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. These help break up the constant 30 second grind songs. Which can become fucking repetitive after the first twenty 20 second songs. But I like it, it adds to the appeal of its aggressive, tongue in cheek nature.

Well worth a listen, I don't think it is availbe for download yet but when it is I will post a link below.


Download: Mother Eel – A Slut Is Not A Bad Thing

Posted by Lachlan

Here for your listening pleasure is a download from the Blue Mountains metal molesters Mother Eel.

Mother Eel - A Slut Is Not A Bad ThingThe recording is 'A Slut Is Not A Bad Thing', a live bootleg from their Sandringham Hotel show at the 20th of April in 2007. Featuring twelve classic tracks;

  1. If you're got no handbang, you've got nothing
  2. I hate you because you fuck grapefruit
  3. Fist full of penis
  4. Lex baby, you're crazy
  5. Metro = homo
  6. Alpha woman has three penii
  7. Death is fine, give me mine
  8. Your girlfriend has low standards
  9. My little brother does well with the ladies
  10. One year closer to legal + not my shade
  11. Squeal like a piggy
  12. Transvestite suprise

Download = here.



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