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As if you didn’t know

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If you've maybe been looking at too much black metal or pop punk, maybe you've missed this...  If so, I'm glad, means more tickets for real fans, right?


Don't think, buy tickets now!!

Just Awesome!

Two of the most influential and legendary acts in the history of the grindcore and death metal genres, NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS, join forces in a pairing that has not been seen for decades, to create the ultimate death metal fans dream package in DEATHCRUSHER.


And I think Extortion rule!  Sick is one of the greatest albums by an Australian band.  Their live show is generally fantastic.

Facebook event


Carcass Tour…. Duh!!

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CARCASS are back and back at what they do best! Writing and releasing the choicest of cuts in their highly influential way. With ‘Surgical Steel’CARCASS has risen to the occasion and given fans an album that holds up to their classic repertoire, delivering another milestone and is undoubtedly just what the doctor ordered! Everything a CARCASS fan could want is on this record, with every era of the band represented.

These undeniable legends and forefathers of grind and melodic death metal have carefully placed Australian on the surgical table for June 2014. CARCASS is coming to carve you up, preparing to dissect each city in their pathologically explicit ways. We’ve been waiting to announce this tour and we know you’ve been waiting to hear it. Soundworks Touring anticipates these shows to sell out in a rabid frenzy, so be sure to secure your meatiest, heaviest & most important metal ticket in Australia this year.

CARCASS and local supports performing at:

June 12th – Perth, Capitol with EARTH ROT

June 13th – Brisbane, The Hifi with ROME

June 14th – Sydney, The Metro Theatre with TORTURED

June 15th – Melbourne, 170 Russell with KING PARROT



PERTH – / 78 Records




ALL SHOWS –  – paypal only – paypal only

Buy through the Soundworks Touring or Prime Cuts Music websites with Paypal and receive a free CARCASS sticker!


Interview – Bubsy – Grindhead Records

Posted by Matt

Australia’s best grindcore band?
The Kill

What first got you excited about grindcore?
I suppose I gotta go back to when I first got into music, which was around 93. I didn't just get turned onto metal alone, I heard a lot of different styles that I knew straight away from the feelings an imagery that it was creating, that I would indulge myself in it all with no end in site. Bands like, Sepultura, Metallica, Nirvana, Bad Religion, Slayer and Alice In Chains where what initially got me hooked. But as my ears began to become more in-tune over those first few years of listening to music, the more I became addicted and had to feed my appetite by finding new, varied and more intense forms of music. In 95 Napalm Death's Diatribes was released, and at first it was the catchy mid-paced tracks like the opener "Greed Killing" that drew me in. I admit, the first few years of searching for new styles, bands like Cannibal Corpse and Napalm just seemed like noise and well...shit to me. But by the time Diatribes had come out my naive ears no longer heard noise, instead the intensity, dissonance and sheer brutality had become ever present, and the few tracks on the album that had blast beats became my fav's and I was opened up to a whole new world.

Was it a viable financial decision to start up Grindhead?
No, i never looked at the label as being financially viable. I say that because I was pretty realistic with my goals and where i stood when setting up the label. I started it in 2002 mainly to give the band I was in, Ebolie, an avenue in which to be able to promote us to the world and help move it to the next level. I knew that I would in the beginning, and for quite a few years, be investing a lot more money than what would be coming back in. Eventually once ifact was established, then the aim was to break even so I could re-invest the money into new releases, promoting the already existing bands on the roster and so on. Although grindcore is gaining a bigger following around the world, it is still the most harsh and inaccessible style. It makes for a small market and majority of labels an distro's work in a D.I.Y fashion, most of us work full time jobs and do all this is our spare time purely for the love of it. I won't lie and say if for some odd reason I released a band that miraculously became a sensation that I would look a gift horse in the mouth, because that would be stupid to do so. But that is not what we are trying to do. We just wanna release bands that we enjoy and help promote and establish a solid scene here and abroad.

Gore and gore themes, what is its role in grind music?
I think they play a pivotal role in grindcore. If Napalm Death are the forefathers of politically charged grindcore, then Carcass are the forefathers of goregrind. You'll have a lot of people say that "it's not pro-active, and isn't addressing important, serious social issue's", so it can't be relevant". I don't agree, i think it is definitely as important for the one fact that if we only had the one ideal, or constant train of thought, then that would just be boring, one dimensional, predictable and would eventually become stale, losing it's relevance and impact. Exploring new themes and ideas enabled grindcore to move on from just 60 second songs full of political themes regurgitated over and over again. I ask all the too serious and their preconceptions of how a band should act or be percieved, is your mindset actually stoping you from being able to enjoy yourself when you write or play live? Do you quickly adjust your persona if you accidentally show some enjoyment on stage? Then the irony and the jokes on you because you meant to enjoy it and there is nothing wrong with that. Just remember, no grindcore song or and band for that matter has ever cured cancer. Your lyrics are not gonna bring about a revolution...If you're so passionate about it then get off your arse and actually go out and do something about it. Cause just having a whinge over some guitars and drums isn't gonna do shit. So yeah, gore themes definitely have their place in grind.

When is the next slaughterfest? That day was freaking epic
Not doing one this year. Around mid 2011 we'll put on Slaughterfest 4. This year i am putting on East West Deathgrind Fest 2 on Saturday the 20th of November.

What release are you most proud of?
I'd have to say Ebolie's "Elevation Into Disintegration". It was my first really professional release and all the artwork and inlay concept was my idea. A lot of time and effort went into putting that together and it was great feeling when it was finally pressed.

How many Carcass CD's do you own?


Cuntscrape new album and Australian tour

Posted by Lachlan

What can be said about WA's debauched porno-grinding perverts Cuntscrape? Their tunes are as groove-laden and catchy as they are perverse and pornographic - taking Heartwork-era Carcass and the dark humour of Macabre while knocking up the rock (and cock) factor to 11.

The result is an outrageously infectious metal group who go above and beyond to rock in the name of porn. With members of Maximum Perversion, Pathogen and The Furor, who could expect any less?

Cuntscape have returned with a brand new full length Papsmear Campaign (GET IT?!?!??!) and promise "23 quim quivering tracks specifically written for that special speculum moment". Considering how ridiculously fun their last two offerings have been (thats their full length Thrush Bang Mania and their Split Roast split CD) I'm very much looking forward to cranking this at inappropriate volumes around the elderly.

Papsmear Campaign is out on Prime Cuts Music on Novemeber 27th, 2009 - which is also the date which launches their national tour (including a run with Grindhead Records' and 666 Entertainments Slaughterfest III in Canberra, Sydney and Newcastle).

Cuntscrape Natioanl Tour Dates
Nov 27th – Amplifer Bar, Perth with Claim The Throne, Gallows For Grace & Nexus
Dec 11th – Monstrothic @ Rosies, Brisbane – with The Dead & Brazen Bull
Dec 12th – The Del Plaza, Southport, Gold Coast with Meat Grinder, Hate Disciple
Dec 13th – Cleveland Memorial Hall with Defamer, People Die, Cross The Lips Of Grace, Aversions Crowned
Dec 17th – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle – SLAUGHTERFEST III
Dec 18th – The Basement, Canberra – SLAUGHTERFEST III
Dec 19th – Sandringham Hotel, Sydney – SLAUGHTERFEST III


Beyond Terror Beyond Grace set to record new album

Posted by Lachlan

Beyond Terror Beyond GraceBlue Mountains grinders Beyond Terror Beyond Grace are a band that always likes to keep themselves busy. If they're not supporting international extreme metal acts like Grave or Carcass, they're either relentlessly touring or practicing obsessively at their home studio.

This Sunday, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace head to the studio to record their follow-up to Extinction | Salvation with the awesome Tim Carr (who just completed Hospital the Musical's new album). They promise pictures, updates and some recording footage in the near future.

A split CD featuring Brainwash, Ebolie and Beyond Terror Beyond Grace is currently slated for release through Grindhead Records early May, 2009. On Saturday the 9th of May, Ebolie and Beyond Terror Beyond Grace are playing at The Bald Faced Stag to launch the split CD.


DOWNLOAD: 32 MP3 Downloads from Grindhead Records

Posted by Lachlan

Grindhead recordsGrindhead Records have released a series of 32 FREE MP3 Downloads from their catalog of 27 death, gore and grindcore releases. For more information on any release be sure to visit - Grindhead releases are priced from $8 to $12 AUD within Australia or $6 to $10 USD worldwide with shipping inclusive.

Code of Lies - Swarm of Vultures: Modern groove-laden, hybrid technical death/grind hailing from Orange, NSW, Australia.

Gruesome Stuff Relish - Broken Gravestones: The quintessential Spanish gore band for any horror metal freak.

Subterranean Fecal Root - Digging a 40 Mile Hole To Live In: Ultra-offensive grinding metalin the vein of Anal Cunt, Undinism, Macabre and Gronibard from Waco, Texas.

Pathology - Defiled Autopsy Remnants: Superb Californian brutal death/grind from members of Cattle Decapitation, Disgorge, The Locust and Being Killed. For fans of Goratory.

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Recycled Carnage: From the debut full-length from the most intense of the new wave of Australian grindcore for fans of Rotten Sound, Discordance Axis, Circle of Dead Children and Captain Cleanoff.

Long Pig - Leaving Barrel Influence: Incredibly battering, thick, raw grindcore infused with downtuned sludge, death and stoner metal from Hungary.

Sound of Detestation - Voided and Blind: Blistering modern Swedish grindcore with hardcore and death metal elements with stunning production values courtesy of William Blackmon (Gadget). For fans of Gadget, Rotten Sound, Nasum and Skitsystem.

Eyetofuk - Unifuk Zombie: A severely warped, hallucinogen-induced and LSD soaked alien nightmare of electro cyber porno gore/grind for fans of Gigantic Brain.

Putrid Whore - XXX: The Number of the Bitch: Punishing downtuned Italian gore/grind for fans of Gruesome Stuff Relish and Mortician.

Maximum Perversion - Snowdropper: Fun, porn-obsessed and grooving Australian death/grind with flavours of Macabre and Carcass.

Ebolie - 1800 Fashioncore Kids Helpline: Mind-melting, cranium-crushing, alcohol-fuelled and slightly quirky modern Australian grindcore drawing from Cephalic Carnage, Napalm Death and Nasum.

Guild of Destruction - Kill! Kill! Kill!: Old-school all-blasting, no-frills, thrashing intense death metal from the bowels of Melbourne Australia. Ripping heavy riffs and screaming solos make this essential for any 1990s death metal fan!

Malignant Germ Infestation - Zombie Outbreak: Complex yet sickening bile-drench brutal gore/grind with electronic elements.

Mangled Whore Flesh - Labia Jerky: Grooving, thrashing raw death/grind in the vein of Intestinal Disgorge.

Embalming Theatre - He Raped His Dying Daughter: The infamous Switz grinders Embaling Theatre return with another intense slab of crusty, raw and violent Switz grind.

Hacksaw Surgery - Severed and Eaten: Tongue-in-cheek Australian brutal death/grind with elements of Dismember and Incarnated.

Gutted With Broken Glass - Headfuck: Absolutely traumatic, hyper-violent brutal cyber-death/grind, taking the music of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Fuck I'm Dead to chaotic new extremes.

Roadside Burial - Vengence is Mine: Beer and meat fuelled no-bullshit grooving gore/grind brutality from Australia.

Exhibit A - Urination Contest Disorder: Fast, crusty punk-influenced ear-bleeding Australian grindcore.

Devoured Flesh Regurgitation - Bones, Flesh n' Partysnacks: Depraved catchy punk and gore influenced Dutch grindcore, complete with the neck-snapping groove of Regurgitate to the tune of Napalm Death and L.D.O.H.

Roncsipar - Kibera: A viscious hybrid of experimental influences from stoner rock to industrial metal. A unque and obscure listening experience from Hungary with dark and droning textures offset by haunting ambient undertones. For fans of Neurosis, Godflesh, Ministry and Scorn.

Aeturnus Dominion - Traumatic Amputation: Heavy metal from Australia.

Roadside Burial - This Hammer has a Date with Your Forehead: Beer and meat fuelled no-bullshit grooving gore/grind brutality from Australia.

Corpsickle - Zombie Flesh Eaters: The Australian undead desecrators of death metal rise from their fetid tomb to unleash their plague!

Sordid - Mix 106.Fuck You: Crustier than a pregnant crack-whore with a yeast infection. A whirlwind of filthy grind infused crust in the vein of Phobia, Infest and Unholy Grave from Australia.

Halo of Knives - Watch the Red Devils Burn: Battering, violent, extreme Australian grindcore of absolutely ear-splitting intensity. Think Napalm Death with the intensity and chaos turned up to eleven. Features members of the almighty Extortion.

Silovanje - I Raped A Rapist: A brutal brand of depraved and sadistic cyber-gore/grind influenced by Fuck I'm Dead, Mortician, Gut, Disgorge, Beheaded and Abuse. Features members of Captain Cleanoff.

Aeturnus Dominion - Meathook: Heavy metal from Australia.

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Murderer: From the debut MCD of this young grind act that are fast becoming one of Australia's most talked about grindcore band! See where it all began. A mix of Rotten Sound, old Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Circle of Dead Children, Discordance Axis and Discharge.

Hailstones Kill 200 - I Am Not Afraid: Total and utter chaos. This Australian band has all the ferocity and intensity of deadly jagged sheets of ice raining from the sky. Ultra-violent power-violence/grind beyond all reasonable level. Comparisons can be made to Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and The Locust infused with the pace of extreme grindcore. Features members of the almighty Extortion.

Ebolie - Blood Tapped Skull: Ebolie combine the humour of Blood Duster and Gronibard with the intensity and groove of Napalm Death and the intensity of Nasum and Fuck I'm Dead with sporadic flirtations with jazz and funk. Killer Australian death/grind.

Ebolie - Rape of Sanity

Grindhead records

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