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Prime Cuts Closing Sale!

Posted by mothereel

After 15 years & 40 releases,  the time has come to wind the clock down on Prime Cuts Music & the next few months will see label closing down gradually. So in saying that, the rest of the year is a closing down sale & everything listed must go!! Thanks to everyone who has supported Prime Cuts Music in any way, shape or form over the years & if you can support just one last time & buy yourself a bargain at the online catalogue listed below. Help me offload what is left!!! Every purchase receives a free Prime Cuts Music cd release & eco friendly carry bag!

Loads of new cds listed, with a huge range of killer titles available plus a range of tshirts, posters, DVD's, collectable, rarities & picks,  Email to make an order or enquiries.

Cheers & Beers, Dysie.