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Noisecore Ballads About Australia Review

Posted by mothereel

Artwork by Andres

Here's my first attempt at a review.  I should have another one up soon and both, I fear, are going to be a disaster.  Feel free to critique my review.  It's the only way I'll learn.

Every review is listened to at a very loud volume in a darkened room.  Distractions are very few.

Coming From My Penis released ‘Noisecore Ballads About Australia’ (NBAA) mostly to make fun of all the Australians that started to joining the forum.  I don't really care for patriotism or nationalism, I've still not heard any decent argument against globalism in terms of national identity or culture.  Therefore, the humour in the song titles are rather boring and uninspired to me, although I like the idea of Steve Irwin being compared to George W Bush (presumably Jnr), except one of them has died crusading for animal welfare and the other seems to have earned some post terrorist praise.
Anyway, NBAA, is a series of shortish songs deliberately poor in recording, mixing and song structure quality.  Compared to the previous 'Noisecular Holocaust', the guitar actually sounds like a guitar more often than not.  Each song tends to pan out in a series of stabs and jabs of quick higher register guitar work, varied ineloquent vocals and tiny percussive clicks.  The vocals do that slightly annoying and predictable build up to a falsetto scream when the quick part happens.  Sounds good distorted.  The exception to the release's general rule is "You Got A Woman Prime Minister/You're So Wealthy No Wonder Why Everyone's On Welfare" which is slower in tempo and longer in duration.  It's not the catchy song of the release though.  The medley that ends the release is, probably because of the rhythmic vocals.
If NBAA is meant to be funny, it's not really, ok, in a really juvenile way... perhaps - the band's name has the word 'Penis' in it.  It's not really insulting, unless there's something wrong with you to not see the attempt at humour.  The noise isn't really unpleasant, it's not easy listening though and so it's forgotten quickly.

For fans of Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Rotten Sound

Coming From My Penis is:

Douchebag - drums & vocals
Necrobastard - guitar

Noisecore Ballads About Australia

1.) Quit Saying Arse, It's Ass You Assholes
2.) Fuck Blood Duster, Warsore Are The Australian Grind Champions
3.) If I Hear Mate One More Time I'm Gonna Stick A Boomerange Up Your Ass And Let a Kangaroo Rape You
4.) Steve Irwin Was Your George W Bush And The Outback Steak House Your Mcdonalds, They Made You Look Like Assholes To The Rest Of The World
5.) I Love The Aboriginoles The Digiridoo Is My Favorite Instrument (I don't Give A Fuck If Spelled That Shit Wrong)
6.) A Dingo Ate me Baby While The Shrimp Was On The Barbie
7.) You Got A Woman Prime Minister/You're So Wealthy No Wonder Why Everyone's On Welfare
8.) Fuck the Great Barrier Reef/ *
9.) Why Is Everything Poisonous There or Can Kill You?/ *
10.) Bush Tucker Mother Fucker/ *
11.) Why Do You Call Football Gridiron, Thats Gay/ *
12.) C?an You Tell I Read The Wikipedia About Australia to Record This Album? *

*All together as a medley

Artwork by Andres

Download it here


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