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Conquest for Death Australian Tour

Posted by Lachlan

Conquest for Death liveConquest for Death have announced a tour of Australia during October with Cut Sick!

Conquest for Death is a fast thrashy old school hardcore outfit made up of members of What Happens Next?, Artimus Pyle, All You Can Eat, Love Songs, Charm (Japan), Pisschrist & Straightjacket Nation - so it's a little bit of a punk rock supergroup.

They're playing with The Kill, Dad They Broke Me, The Corruptors (members of Los Diablos, Space Bong and The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers), Straightjacket Nation, 4 Dead, Crux, Deathcage, Maus and Pathetic Human over the course of the tour. They've got a pretty crazy live show, so be sure to cut the sleeves off your old Sick of it All t-shirts, do some dumbell curls and practice your spin kicks before the gig rolls around.

All shows with Cut Sick except *
*Friday October 10 - The Arthouse, Melbourne
w. The Kill, Dad They Broke Me, Useless Children, Doubled Over

Saturday 11th October - Worldsend, Adelaide
w.Snake Run, Corrupters (members of Los Diablos, Spacebong & Guantanamo Bay City Rollers)

Sunday 12th October - Fitzroy Bowls Club, Melbourne ALL AGES 7pm start
w. Straightjacket Nation

Tuesday 14th October - Bar 32, Canberra
w. 4 Dead, Slowburn

Wednesday 15th October - Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
w. Shitfight, White Male Dumbinance

Friday 17th October - The Jubilee, Brisbane
w. Insurgents, Dick Nasty & Hatefuck

Saturday 18th October - Maggotsville, Sydney
w. Crux, Deathcage & Maus

Sunday 19th October - Bar Open, Melbourne
w, Pathetic Human, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam & Pissbolt.

Conquest for Death Australian tour


New bands you should know in the Australian scene

Posted by Lachlan

UPDATE: Dudes, this page is 4 years old! Check out the updated 2012 version here.

Alright, so I've heard some new Australian bands recently that you'll do well to get off your arse and check out.

CorruptorsCorruptors (SA): First we have a group from Adelaide called Corruptors, which features Cheese (guitar) of The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers fame, as well as Kerry (vocals) and Wardy (bass) from Los Diablos and Chris Canini (drums) of Lapdancer. They would like to tell us that they are now "coming at your ear pussies with a big grindy dildo of extreme noise love".

From the track up on their MySpace page, they seem to play ultra-pissed off old school thrashing punk influenced grind in the vein of Napalm Death, Venomous Concept, Terrorizer and Lock Up. Very cool, violent stuff which should be a hell of a lot of fun to see live. The guys are set to record 8 tracks at Capitol Sound Studios in September, and have their live debut coming up supporting Conquest for Death (USA).

Helm (QLD): Next up we have the Queensland band (Ghost at the) Helm, who play some post-metal sludge with some very cool clean and shouted vocals. In their single preview track I can hear big Isis and Cult of Luna influences with a touch of Pink Floyd and Mastodon.

If you're a fan of any of the psychedelic, stoner, post-rock, post metal, shoegazer and doom genres, then check these guys out. They were recommended to me by Five Star Prison Cell - one of Australia's best extreme metal acts - and they arent wrong; this'll be a band to watch out for.

ShirlowShirlow (NSW): Shirlow is something of a super-star new Sydney band, featuring members of scene whores from 1 Shot Kill, Captains (aka Captains Package), Squat Club, Unkle Jed, Qwerty and loads more. They're playing some very Cult of Luna, Jakob and Isis-inspired slightly sludgy and psychedelic post-metal, with some truly monstrous riffing, some killer drum beats which are uncharacteristically complex and grooving for the style.

I went and saw these guys play their first show at The Annandale Hotel a few months back since I have a hard-on for Evan McGregor's ultra-groovy Jon Theodore-esque drum style, as previously showcased in Squat Club. They really blew me away, I was definitely not expecting something quite *that* good for a bands first show. The sound was fucking enormous, and I'm going to make sure I catch their next gig.

Shirlow live at Utopia Records part 2 of 2.

Squat Club (NSW): I'll save the best for last. What can be said about these guys? The line-up is comprised of drums, bass, piccolo bass and a bazuki with the occasional guitar. Again, this band features members from a wide range of other groups like Ebolie, Captains, Brass Knuckles, Piston, Qwerty, Shirlow, The Mabobs and loads more.

I dont think there is any reasonable way to pin these guys down into a genre. They're like some unholy interbred seven-eyed, horned squid-beast, drawing influences from a wide range of progressive genres. The biggest influences I can hear are Secret Chiefs 3, Meshuggah, The Mars Volta, Pink Floyd, King Crimson and god knows what else. The result is something truly unique and awe inspiring.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the song on their player. Honestly, if you have taste in music, it should change your life. These guys only have 1 or 2 shows left in them - so if you get a chance, consider yourself lucky to have the chance to go watch them. They are fucking amazing. Awkwardly catchy and complex time signatures all round!

Part 4/4 from Squat Club's recent set just to give you a little taste.
The whole gig is up on youtube and viewable in its entirety on their MySpace page.


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