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New tracks from the 4 Fucking Dead

Posted by Lachlan

The four fucking deadCanberra's awesome 4 Dead have decided to taunt us further by uploading 2 new tracks from their continuously delayed new album.

The good news is that these two new tracks give us a peak at a 4 Dead that is noiser, more furious and more blast-beat ridden than ever.

You cunts. I can't wait to hear more.

Fuck MySpace, hear the tracks at their Facebook page.


Last Night: the McKenna Bourbon Air Bar

Posted by Matt

Matt: Yeh so last night Lachlan and I were invited on the McKenna Air Bar on behalf of AusGrind. We played lets see who could drink the most there, Lachlan won on a technicality (I dropped my drink on the ferry back). Yes it was fun, the fucking journo's and PR people have it fucking easy I reckon (except for Darcie, she worked like a trooper 😉 ), they rock acting all cool and everyones being cool, when in fact noone has a clue what the fuck was going on and they get paid for it (I wish we fucking got paid for sitting around, taking snap shots and drinking free bourbon). We didn't end up going on the bar cos fucking MTV took too long doing their fucking make and taking their shots and shit but who cares we got pissed.

Ended up at Hot Damn, not really sure what happened after that (Lachlan: what happened after that is when I came back to Matt's joint at 4am Matt was passed out in an awkward angle at his doorstep). But I have some photos and a crappy video!

Lachlan: Ahh the brilliance of a free nights drink. Matt and I turned out to be the only bloggers apart from another bloke from a photography blog; the rest of the crew were all mainstream media: Sydney Morning Hearld,, MTV, the Daily Telegraph... and AusGrind. To say we didn't really fit in would be an understatement. Try explaining to MTV puppets (while drunk) that you play in a fucking jazz/grind band ("what, so a little bit like Disturbed and Muse?"). It was 40 degrees outside and blokes were in fucking suits and crazy little faggy/emo haircuts with their mascara and hairspray running everywhere. I guess we're just lucky I didnt wear my Anal Discharge singlet with "SHIT YOURSELF" proudly stated on the midsection.

It was quite a good night to be honest. Our agency contact Darcie was hospitable and provided the only interesting conversations of the day and night. It's a shame we ran off a little early - wish we couldve partied with free booze longer (their were "celebrities" from Bondi rape party rocking up later) but it was fucking freezing. Unfortunately we never actually got to go up in the Air Bar due to wind conditions (our 'flight' was endlessly delayed) but nonetheless we mingled. I've reinstated my hatred of all things MTV after watching a tattooed little indie goth chic "VJ" presenter doing at least 15 runs up the red carpet while being filmed.

Some terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE indie band played just before we left called Cut Off Your Ears or something equally as retarded. Matt soaked it up while I chose to get as far away from the music as physically possible, yelled at cute AirBar girls and tried to formulate plans on how to steal the bassists Billy Hydes endorsed AMPEG fridge stack (or tossing up the moral implications of urinating on the MTV VJ). All in all a great day; we drunk a hundred bourbon cocktails I never knew existed, met a few cool people and soaked up the sun and alcohol on Cockatoo Island. We ended up at Hot Damn with me being 'kindly' escorted out at some obscene hour only to get a cab home and to find Matt passed out in his doorway. Waking up after drinking for about 14 hours wasnt to kind though... and I just had my job performance review - perfect fucking timing!

The day sure beat working; so let it be said that I pubically endorse drinking McKenna Bourbon (when its free).

Edit: Oh shit... I just had a flash back of yelling at some bald, angry Muay Thai dude, taking him down with a double leg in the middle of Hot Damn and fucking arm barring him... no wonder I got booted.


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