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Cripple Bastards & Jig Ai in Sydney!

Posted by mothereel

BYO at a DIY!! Couldn't be more Grind if it tried!!

That other guy, who does most of the stuff of Grindhead Records*, has pulled this little beauty out.  For those of you who cant make OEF in Victoria this year, here's the alternative.

Cripple Bastards from Italy, first time in Australia.  Jig Ai from Czech Republic, I believe their first time in Australia.  Both want to impress, caress and distress you.  Both known for their past.  Both are looked to for the future.  I'm rambling.

The Sydney bands are smiled upon by many.  Ether Rag being hailed as the best the region has to offer in grind.  Dark Horse have been doing some great things with their D-Beat style as well.

It's one of those gigs.  Be there or cry about it later.

Here's the facebook event page.
Grindhead Records website.


*you know I co-run the label now, don't you?  Just thought I better mention it, in case I start blathering about how awesome a label it is and how it does all these great things for the scene and bands etc.  Potential bias and conflict of interest in reporting stuff.


Punch Nov/Dec Australian Tour – 2012

Posted by Matt

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Kitchen DIY Interview #2 – Dead Air Radio’s Dave Drayton

Posted by Matt

So Dave, when did you first get into Radio?

I started doing radio up at Triple H in Hornsby with Mel, and she got me in to play some songs on acoustic, then she got her own show and asked me to come help out on it.

Hornsby fell apart, I had not done radio for about 6 months, Scott Fitzsimons was doing Dead Air which is a punk show at FBI, I was working with him at the time at Street Press Australia, he was going away for 6 weeks and needed someone to fill in, so I actually had to learn how to work a sound desk. So when he got back he was looking at hanging up the reins and asked if I could take over, and clearly I was so I came on board permanently 2 or 3 months after that.

So tell me about Dead Air Radio?

Its on Monday nights on FBI Radio from 11pm till 1am and according to the website we play punk, metal and hardcore, but pretty much I just play bands that could maybe be loosely associated with those genres that I get stoked on a froth over.

FBI do some cool shit for the Sydney music scene but a lot of the programming is a bit samey during the daytime and you miss out on that kind of music.

Whats your favourite part about the show?

"Dave plays a song by the band who's shirt he is wearing", I do like that segment. But I do like being able to play shit that people wouldn't usually play on radio but that is by no means undeserving of it, we used to have a segment on Triple H called "Radio Unfriendly" and I used to play any song that was 10 or 20 minutes long and that was awesome.

Whats your favourite up and coming grind band? Whats gotten you heaps stoked on lately?

Have you listened to Bruiser? How good is that album!! Its called 12 9 12, they are a 3 piece Melbourne with grind elements but with also sludgier doomier stuff and also some stupid really groovy metal solos. Its crisp as fuck but the vocals are rough as guts. thedowngoing, their new album is also terrifying. Idylls fucking rule, is that grind?

What about live, who have you seen live that has impressed you?

FGWMWS is hands down the best grind band i have seen in 4 years or something, their drummer is incredible he plays trad grip and still shreds and does cheeky little bell hits and their so crisp, hilarious front-man and guitarist shreds. They don't take themselves too seriously but their music is fucking seriously tight complicated and impressive shit.

What have you got coming up in the show?

Totally Unicorn to have a chat about their 7 inch "7inches". Berkshire Hunting Club are gunna come in and talk about their new EP, those guys have really hit their stride. And then I dunno, filtering through my overstuffed wardrobe to find funny band shirts so I ca play some shit on the show.

Listen to Dave on Mondays on Dead Air


Interview: Dolly Patchaos//Injakmati – Indonesian Grindcore

Posted by Matt

Not only is there a great thriving Grindcore scene in Australia, but also in other parts of the Asia-Pacific region. All influencing and pushing each other to create the most extreme sort of music they can. I thought I would give a quick shout out to Dolly Patchaos, the lead dude from Indo grind band Injakmati, and shoot him a few questions on his perspective on all things grind, DIY and Indonesian.

Whats the best thing about DIY music in Indonesia?
Freedom and friendship that keeping the scene alive!

Indonesia's best grindcore band?
Well it's hard to say because there are too many good grind bands here, but I would say Tengkorak from Jakarta is the best one!

Your top 3 favorite Australian grind bands?
I loved Michael Crafter and The Kill so much! and,can I say the other bands? I'm a big fan of The Porkers 🙂 ! I also like Scum System Kill!

What city currently has the most thriving DIY music scene and why?
I think almost all big cities in Java island, specially Jakarta and Bandung. The DIY scene is getting bigger everyday there and I would say it's the capital city of punk! You can see many punx and lots of new bands has been born and gigs happen almost everyday here!

With so many great waves in Indo why don't you surf?
Well I can't swim very well but I love beach!and just wanna let you know if you haven't visited Pelabuhan Ratu and Ujung Genteng (Sukabumi) in West Java you should try surf there! the place is very beautiful and there have great waves and quiet (less people there, not too crowded like in Bali). The most interested thing for me when I went there last year to see the turtles sanctuary and it was amazing!

Do you play in any grindcore bands? Any upcoming releases?
I play in a raw punk/grind band called Injakmati (it means step/tread to death), check out and you can hear some craps there or buy our stuff directly. Our next program is a split 12" with legendary Swedish band Avskum (any labels interested to help release it?) and a split tape with Corrupt Humanity from Scotland.

What other activities do you do to support the DIY scene?
I do my own small DIY business by doing screen printing and selling stuff to get survive. I have made patches and T-Shirts for lots of bands etc. Please check out to see some of the patches and shirts I have made and some stuffs I sell. Just give me a shout if you need some patches done etc for your band,label,distro etc..and I'll give you my DIY prices! My e-mail is : xdollypatchaosx [at] yahoo [dot] com

Anything else coming up?
I'm trying to make some new recordings for our upcoming projects but it's very slowly because we're only 2 pieces now and not as great as Michael Crafter 🙂

Cheers & peace from your Indonesian grindpal.


Video: Idylls – Love as Dirge

Posted by Matt


Sydney D.I.Y Screen Printing – Carrier silk-screen studio

Posted by Matt

The Sydney DIY/punk/grind/whatever community needs to support each other to really support itself. Without passionate and enthusiastic individuals it can often fall onto the weyside, and turn into one of those punk luls in the music scene which we all dread, cross our fingers and hope it will never happen while we are around. We all like to see everyone coming together to provide the tools necessary to overcome our lack of people power and $$ that popular music does not seem to suffer from. Carrier silk-screen studio is one of those unknown gems that is helping to keep this idea alive. I caught up with Carizza to rant about these such issues.

"I'm well aware that independent music labels would survive without the studio but I feel we do help each other out. Screen-printing flyers, shirts, patches, posters, artwork, records, cds, whatever.... keeps the studio buzzing and provides merch that bands, labels and independent record stores can sell to generate some funds to continue directing folk away from the mass produced nothings that line shopfronts" - Carizza

Merchandise is now playing a more and more significant role in independent music, generating any sort of profit from playing shows, with people more and more reluctant to pay for recordings of music with everything at their fingertips. It is also another medium to which portray the music and vibe portrayed by a live band.

"Screen-printing enriches the visual representation of our society so people can see who the independent music scene was in Sydney in the 2010's." - Carizza

The small majority of us who enjoy collecting pieces of the Sydney music scene, as Carrier enjoy being there to not only enjoy your music, but enjoy making the art behind the music. The resurgence of vinyl is also a vital piece of this idea of music being more than just a commodity, it is the art, the fleeting limited and not being able to carbon copy and spit it out from another oversized production line.

"There's something special about limited run memorabilia for bands and most of the time the ppl using the studio are friends- or friends of friends- so there is a strong community atmosphere and the studio is open for everyone to join and DIY screen there own art if they so choose- making it more special." - Carizza

I guess what I'm trying to say here is support the dudes that support you (I would say "scene" but we all know grindcore/hardcore/punk in Sydney just isn't big enough to have one of those). They love DIY and so should you.

Contact details:

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