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Infested Entrails: Defiling a Piece of the Deceased

Posted by mothereel
Poor tit

Infested by festies.

The pure bile of Grindhead Records brings you this rotten offering by Infested Entrails. "Defiling a Piece of the Deceased" is a platter of masticated music, with demented guitars pinned down by slobbering bass and hammered in by the drums.

Giving a knowing nod to the grandfathers as they pump out death metal while thrusting in their own tastes, their debut album is a strong entry into the depraved world of extreme music, showing a professionalism beyond their years.

For fans of Broken Hope, Cannibal Corpse, Deeds Of Flesh, Dying Fetus, Embalmed, Cannabis Corpse, Pathology

Download Track: Woo There, Lassie!


Napalm Death / Dying Fetus 2010 Australian Tour

Posted by Lachlan

It's been three years since Napalm Death's first ever Australian tour in their 28-year grind career. Now those grindcats are coming back for an Australia tour in September 2010 - and they're bringing Dying Fetus with them thanks to Soundworks Touring.

Interestingly enough, they'll be playing The Factory in Sydney. Hmm... I wonder who the supports will be this time around?

September 1st - Amplifier Bar, Perth
September 2nd - Fowler’s Live, Adelaide
September 3rd - The Hifi, Brisbane
September 4th - The Factory, Sydney
September 5th - The Hifi, Melbourne


Don Decker of Anal Blast passes away at 41

Posted by Lachlan

Sad news today. The infamous Don Decker passed away on Sunday, October 11 at 2:17 AM at 41 years of age.

Don Decker was best known for his hilariously offensive band Anal Blast, which mixed outrageously extreme death/grind with ironic and black humour on any range of taboo and political incorrect topics.

While often described as a polarizing figure, there is no denying that the man had considerable impact on the American Midwest metal scene. A little known fact is that Don actually booked Cradle of Filth's first show in the United States. Anal Blast had also featured a slew of well known members over the years, including James Root, Joey Jordison and Paul Gray of Slipknot, Nick Miller of Kataclysm and Duane Timlin of Dying Fetus.

Don has long had problems with his liver alongside diabetic complications. In 2007 he fell into as serious coma which it was not thought he would recover. It has also been rumored that he was subject to a liver transplant in 2008. Another figure in the extreme music world falls.


TONIGHT: Summonus CD launch with Looking Glass or Summer Slaughter

Posted by Lachlan

Looking GlassThere are actually three interesting shows going down tonight in Sydney. First up, those lovable scamps over at Soundworks Touring have the Summer Slaughter tour (in Autumn) going on at the Manning Bar with Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Aborted and The Faceless.

Then Sydney stoner/doom outfit Summonus are holding their EP launch at the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown. Joining them is the fucking amazing stoner rock group Looking Glass (ACT), the inimintable dual bass groove of Boonhorse (ACT) who you might recognise as their past incarnation LOG, and last of all the grim Sydney doomers Fattura Della Morte. That's definitely where I'll be.

Last of all, if punk is more you thing you've got the 'Maggotsville Crew' of Deathcage, Repo Man and Taipan playing up at the Lansdowne Hotel. Those bands really seem to play twice a week at times.

Summonus EP Launch

Summer Slaughter Tour


Necrophagist, Dying Fetus and Aborted Australian Tour

Posted by Lachlan

NecroFAGsWord on the street is that Necrophagist, Dying Fetus and Aborted will be touring Australia in March 2009 for a Summer Slaughter Tour thanks to Soundworks Touring. Also joining them for national support slots are Melbourne's The Red Shore and The Faceless. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, November the 18th.

March 13 - The Manning Bar, Sydney (All ages)
March 14 - The Red Room, Brisbane (All ages)
March 15 - Fowlers Live, Adelaide (All ages) /
March 16 - Club Capitol, Perth (18+) / 78 Records
March 17 - The Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+) /

If I was any more metal I'd have spikes shooting out of my dick!This is being promoted as the most "EXXXTREME tour of the year", so put your best Cannibal Corpse t-shirt on and get ready for sweep picking, hammer blasts and death growls a plenty. It should be SLAMMIN!

If you want a ticket I'd get in quick because I think this one should be selling out pretty fast. And remember kids, smiling in band photos is not cool. You need to exert an aura of grim seriousness. And non-black clothing? What are you, some nerdy kid who doesnt realise brutality is cool? Or is it the nerdy kids who do think br00dude-ality is cool these days...... I forget.

Australian Summer Slaughter Tour


Live clips from Maryland Death Fest 2008 (MDF VI)

Posted by Lachlan

This years Maryland Death Fest saw some of Australias best - Fuck I'm Dead, The Day Everything Became Nothing and Blood Duster - take on some of the biggest names in the international extreme music community - grounds like Anaal Nathrakh, Grave, Disfear, Impaled, Macabre, Dying Fetus and Circle of Dead Children to name but a few.

I thought it would therefore be fitting to do a post of some of the I've rounded up in ten minutes before this post goes live - because realistically I have nothing else to write about today and I feel like shit. I hate mondays. Good to see Jay doing us proud with Aussie Aussie Aussie chants. Classic.

Fuck I'm Dead - Gore Grind Thrash Attack

Fuck I'm Dead - Waft of Stench

Blood Duster - Umm... I'm not sure but Tony humps some dude in the face...

Macabre - You're Dying To Be With Me

Circle of Dead Children - ?

Anaal Nathrakh - Submission Is For The Weak

Ghoul - Gutbucket Blues

Afgrund - Most of their set

Fuck I'm Dead at Marylands Death Fest 2008

Tony of Blood Duster at Maryland Death Fest 2008

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