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Meth Leppard Film Clip

Posted by mothereel


Probably the most ‘Grind’ thing I’ve seen

Posted by mothereel

While Lachlan is busy constantly talking about himself, I am pulling myself to the late night clips on rage after I get home from some gig.  The weekend just passed, things dramatically changed... I came.  Possibly the hottest guy in grind (Muzz is a very, very close second place) appeared on my television screen - only the tune seemed wrong.

The Jezabels - Endless Summer

He doesn't know how to punch (2 mins 30 sec), but with a look like that, he could convince all the bigger boys to do the fighting for him.  I'm sure he already does.
Song isn't all bad either.  The clip has a very nice, sepia feel (obviously a Portal reference).


TDEBN – Cut Film Clip

Posted by Matt

The Day Everything Became Nothing have released a new film clip for the song Cut from their 2006 release "Invention: Destruction". I guess on the positive it is a good representation of the band, ultra serious and ultra grind. But I would have preferred something a bit more out there, fucked up and less politically correct. I guess that's what Blood Duster is for.
What does everyone think of it?

The Day Everything Became Nothing - Cut